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Aoyama Kana of Capital Television Network, or CTN for short, looks like a beautiful TV reporter “around forty”, but inside, she is stubborn and the worst organisation person. As a result, she is transferred to be the head of the “reserve reporter unit”. It is the the haunt of dead wood like cameraman Koda Isao, who pretends to be a movie director; old correspondent Shiraishi Hiroshi, who gets a constant stream of complaints from his interview subjects; the young AD from a rich family, Momoi Hiroshi, who is easily swayed by others and also easy to deceive; camera assistant Shimura Ken, who hardly touches his camera; and female announcer Okusawa Midori who misread the script for a piece of breaking news. As the editor of the unit, Kana’s first assignment from Kuroi Akira, the editor of the newsroom, is a story on the seals which have reappeared in Tama River. However, Kana is concerned about the issue of the prime minister standing the US Secretary of State up on that day when they were scheduled to have a discussion. What did the prime minister do in the hours he went missing? Kana compares the footage of the prime minister right before he disappeared and after he came back. Observing one point which no one had noticed, she declares that her unit will also follow the matter of the prime minister’s disappearance and gets on the wrong side of her subordinates. Akasaka Shu and the rest of the team start to pursue Kana’s “truth” while being treated as a nuisance by the correspondents of both the political and city news desks.

Matsuyuki Yasuko as Aoyama Kana
A TV reporter who works for Capital Television Network. She is a beautiful and intelligent woman who has topnotch interview skills, but has no social graces or tolerance for stale coverage, and also does not flatter other people. Because of that, friction often arose with other reporters and the ministries she was assigned to. Treated as a burden by the company, she was kicked out of the city news desk and appointed to be the editor of the “reserve reporter unit”, which is an assembly of troublesome people who have nowhere to go. However, she is satisfied as long as she can do interviews and will use her subordinates as she likes; if she cannot do the interviews to her satisfaction, she will be disgruntled. As a result, she is a royal pain to her subordinates. She is also a person least favoured by her superiors. She does not remember the names of her colleagues, so she will call them by nicknames which come to mind by the way they look. Her private life is in tatters. She has no friends or boyfriend. The only person she responds to is her father. Her mother passed away when she was a child.

Koide Keisuke as Akasaka Shu
The reserve reporter unit’s reporter who is in his sixth year at Capital Television Network. A former correspondent for the political news desk, his transfer was in connection with keeping tabs on Aoyama Kana. A worldly, ambitious and skilled man whose principle is not to do anything that is futile and to play it safe, yet he often gets information that others do not know of. In other words, it is certainly not that his interview skills are lacking, but that he has no interest in other people and the truth. He does not approve of Kana’s interview methods and clashes with her over almost everything.

Aibu Saki as Okusawa Midori
The reserve reporter unit’s announcer who is in her third year at Capital Television Network. She had been mainly active in variety programmes, and was the network’s popular poster girl. However, she misread the script during a breaking news segment that was hurriedly assigned to her, so she ended up in the reserve reporter unit for a three-month training. She has absolutely no interest in journalism, and is only concerned about her own popularity. She believes she will be able to return to variety programmes quickly, and has no motivation when it comes to interviews but ….

Kaname Jun as Koda Isao
The reserve reporter unit’s TV cameraman. Because he originally wanted to become a movie director, he is particular about his images even though he is now a TV cameraman. His camera techniques are first rate, but his fastidiousness makes him difficult to use at the scenes of incidents and accidents, and he is transferred to the reserve reporter unit. A divorcee, he is a single father with one daughter. A doting parent, he sticks stubbornly to working hours and goes back at exactly the time to go home.

Kohinata Fumiyo as Shiraishi Hiroshi
The reserve reporter unit’s reporter. A veteran reporter who has played an active role at Capital Television Network’s city news desk for many years. He is observant and a genius at getting interview subjects to open their hearts to him with his clever words. However, his interview policy of keeping the objectivity of interviews is unsympathetic of his subjects. As a consequence, he gets a constant stream of complaints from them and is transferred to the reserve reporter unit.

Hirayama Hiroki as Kuroki Akira
Editor of the newsroom at Capital Television Network. He has the authority to determine the lineup for the news programmes, and is always obsessed with ratings. In fact, he joined the network at the same time as Aoyama Kana, but does not like everything about her. He is even thinking of kicking her out from the network in time to come.

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