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Several years after Asada Ryutaro left Meishin University Hospital … patients at Meishin have dramatically decreased because of the scandal involving the former Noguchi Takeo as well as the battered confidence following the constant stream of lawsuits and the lower quality of surgeons. At a press conference, Kitou Shoko, the new university chancellor, declares her aim to rebuild Meishin by focusing on education, clinical practice and research. At the same moment in the US, Kato Akira succeeds in a heart transplant for a young girl to the surprise of her foreign professors. And, at some battlefield, Asada is treating a lady who has been injured by a bomb raid. A patient, who was thrown into a river as a result of a motorbike accident, is brought to Meishin’s ER. Ijuin Noboru and Kihara Takehiko immediately operate on him but give up and are about to close his chest when Asada appears at the operating theatre. He tells them to continue with the surgery and his masterful touch makes it a success. Kitou and Akira have witnessed this from start to end at the viewing room. Furthermore, Kitou visits the hospital where Fujiyoshi Keisuke is working and persuades him to come back to Meishin to finish the research on regenerative medicine. Amidst the rumoured revival of Team Dragon, Arase Monji refuses to be in operations because of an incident one year ago. 17-year-old Sugaya Yukina, is transferred to Meishin because of Fujiyoshi’s endorsement. Yukina has an extremely rare heart illness and surgical treatment had been dismissed as impossible at every hospital. Ijuin, who has become the supervisor to the newly arrived houseman, Magara Fuyumi, brings her to Yukina’s hospital room to explain the treatment, but cannot answer Yukina’s question, “I can be cured, can’t I?” and averts his eyes. The day of the operation is decided. When Asada explains the surgery to Yukina and tells her that the odds of success is 70%, she is shocked. Ijyuiin worries that they will face a lawsuit because of this assertion. However, Asada asserts that it is not the letter of consent that binds doctor and patient, but trust. On the day of the operation, the surgery begins without Arase. It is thought to be proceeding smoothly but Arase, who is watching the surgery on the monitors of the equipment room, notices something … …

Sakaguchi Kenji as Asada Ryutaro
A talented surgeon who used to lead a medical team that was among the world’s best at MSAP (Doctors for All). He was invited to Meishin University Hospital, and saved patients while waging a battle against the medical department’s authoritarianism which had professors at the top. He formed Team Dragon, and made numerous heart surgeries such as the Batista surgery a success. After that, he left Japan again to treat patients at the battlefronts, but was called back by Kitou Shoko and returns to Japan.

Inamori Izumi as Kato Akira
Four years ago, she had pulled off a Batista operation as a member of Team Dragon and became the professor of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at the young age of 35. After that, she went to the US alone to work as a pediatric heart transplant specialist. When the revised organ transplant act went into effect, she was called back by Kitou Shoko to advance the medical transplants in Japan, and returns to Meishin University Hospital.

Koike Teppei as Ijuin Noboru
A doctor with Meishin University Hospital’s Cardiothoracic Surgery Department. He met Asada Ryutaro when he was a houseman and came a long way as a member of Team Dragon. After Asada left, he waged a one-man battle although he worried about the quality of the surgical staff as Meishin faltered and declined. He becomes excited about the revival of Team Dragon for the first time in three years.

Abe Sadao as Arase Monji
An anesthetist with Meishin University Hospital. As an anesthetist, he has the touch of a genius and is able to manage the condition of patients to perfection during operations. After Team Dragon was disbanded, he shuts his heart because of some incident and refuses to be in operations … … Furthermore, he has one more big secret … …

Tanimura Mitsuiki as Magara Fuyumi
A new houseman who joins Meishin University Hospital’s Cardiothoracic Surgery Department for the first time in many years. She is smart and competent but has completely no motivation or even interest in her job as a heart surgeon. Because she has no qualms about saying what she thinks, she causes trouble to Ijyuin Noboru, who is her supervising doctor, and the others.

Endo Kenichi as Kuroki Keijiro
A cardiovascular internal medicine clinician. The best doctor of cardiac catheterisation in the world whom Noguchi Takeo has brought over. He is Asada Ryutaro’s biggest and strongest rival.

Sasaki Kuranosuke as Fujiyoshi Keisuke
A clinician with Meishin University Hospital’s Cardiovascular Internal Medicine Department who was the physician in Team Dragon. His skills are topnotch and he worked with Asada Ryutaro and the other surgeons to treat patients. After Team Dragon was disbanded, his beloved daughter died of illness and he quietly continued providing clinical care at a hospital in the countryside. Responding to Kitou Shoko’s call, he returns to Meishin as a doctor for regenerative medicine research.

Natsuki Mari as Kitou Shoko
The former professor of Meishin University Hospital’s ER Department who had the highest regard for Asada Ryutaro’s surgical skills from early on. In order to rebuild Meishin which has declined, she was newly inaugurated as the university chancellor and works out a bold reform proposal. She calls Asada and Kato Akira back to Japan and attempts to reunite Team Dragon but … …

Kishibe Ittoku as Noguchi Takeo
The former professor of Meishin University Hospital’s Cardiothoracic Surgery Department. After he lost the elections for president and lost his standing, he returned as the head of risk management. But, in the end, he was forced out of Japan because of a scandal and fled to the US. He resurfaces again because of an encounter with a man, and returns to Japan to present his reform proposal for Meishin, which is from the standpoint of international medical care, to Kitou Shoko.

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