Gaiji Keisatsu – Episode 5 Synopsis

Episode 5: Moving in 


Sumimoto’s claims about the bloodied numbers ’827′ go unheeded by Hina, but Aiko is disturbed. ‘Fish’ is identified to be holed up at Owada housing complex. A council of war is set up and Ariga orders the SAT to simulate the mission in preparation for an assault on the hideout. The technical unit first uses an infrared sensor, and then bores a small hole through the wall of the room next to unit 827 to search the inside with a fibre optic scope. The presence of the barrels and five terrorists are confirmed.

Hina lets Kurata listen to a recording that Aiko had made of Julio’s call with a man who seems to be Clement. Kurata mutters, “Something is wrong …” At that same moment, Sumimoto is with the council of war. His request to halt the assault on the hideout is met with disbelief. Sumimoto believes that the housing complex is a diversionary tactic to draw their attention away from the real targets, pointing out that the terrorists may launch a spate of simultaneous attacks elsewhere. Ariga grants him one day’s grace. Mustering his last ounce of strength, Sumimoto decides have Julio arrested to determine the truth of the information they have received so far.

It is 15 hours before the SAT’s assault, and Julio is missing from the bar. A search of the surveillance camera footage reveals that Julio had been taken away several hours earlier … Meanwhile, Julio, who has evaded the police, receives orders from ‘Fish’ to “get rid of the female spy” while awaiting further instructions.

Julio’s disappearance makes Kurata suspect that the terrorists are planning to execute another plot. At his direction, Hina asks Aiko to make a call to Julio. However, Julio does not answer.

Igarashi meets Sumimoto and slips him some photos from her surveillance of a target. In turn, Sumimoto gets his men to check up on the identity of the executive of a foreign company who had come in contact with the target.

Julio, who has received a gun, calls Aiko. “I want to see you,” he tells her and instructs her to come alone. Kurata orders Hina to use Aiko as bait, and arrest Julio once he makes an appearance. Sensing Julio’s true motive, Hina is hesitant to put Aiko at risk. However, Kurata brushes aside her concerns as many lives are at stake. Hina is to tell Aiko that she will get 300,000 yen. On the other hand, they will prepare a new identity and one hundred million yen for Julio. Then, Kurata approaches Chief Cabinet Secretary Muramatsu with his proposal. She dismisses the idea of using taxpayers’ money to buy information from a dubious character like Julio, but Kurata reasons that the Cabinet’s secret funds will be well used to protect the people and safeguard the country’s credibility. Muramatsu relents and informs him to immediately report the information he gets to her.

Muramatsu meets William Spade of the Spade Group, which is a provider of intelligence information, and Jim Conrad, the head of CIA’s Far East Division, again. Noting the absence of an intelligence agency in Japan, Conrad points out that the inability to manage information could be fatal to the country. To prove his point, he shows Muramatsu an article in a weekly magazine with the headline “Terror group has infiltrated Japan?!” Someone had leaked the information to the media! This development makes Ariga decide to evacuate residents from the housing complex and bring forward the assault by the SAT. Sumimoto is told that he has 5 hours left …

In the midst of this, Kubota appears before Sumimoto, together with Nick’s wife, Masayo. Masayo, who has been waiting for news of her husband, stammers, “Have you asked him to do something else? Is that … why he hasn’t come back yet?” She gives Sumimoto a present that Nick had bought, and pleads somewhat desperately, “Please tell me he is still alive …” Sumimoto wages an inner battle with himself, but in the end, all he says is, “I don’t know where he is or what he’s doing either … I’m worried about him too. I believe he’ll come back safely.” The strain is too much for Masayo to bear and she collapses while an enraged Kubota punches Sumimoto for his deceit.

Aiko decides to meet Julio, but when Sumimoto calls and tells her that a fate similar to that of his collaborator awaits her if she insists on going to see Julio, she loses courage. Hina, who has come to notice the bond that seems to tie Aiko to Sumimoto, tries to assure Aiko that she will protect her no matter what happens. However, Aiko interrupts, “But I don’t need you.” Hina reports to Kurata that Aiko cannot undertake the mission. In response, Kurata coldly informs her that she and Aiko are no longer of any use.

It is two hours before the SAT’s assault. In an envelope that had come with Nick’s present, Sumimoto finds a picture of Julio in military uniform. It appears that Julio is an assumed identity. Someone had taken on the identity of Julio because the real Julio had died two years ago. Sumimoto discloses this discovery to Aiko and asks if she will undertake the mission for him in spite of the danger to her own life. Aiko, who feels indebted to Sumimoto readily agrees, “I was in a bottomless pit all this while until you suddenly appeared and pulled me out against my will. You saved me. I’m not doing this because I was tricked. I’m doing this because you saved me. If it is your wish, I will do it.”

Aiko heads to the meeting place alone while Sumimoto and Aiko keep surveillance. The appointed time for the SAT’s assault has come. Ariga calls Sumimoto, but Sumimoto tells him to wait. As Hina and Sumimoto watch on, Julio appears. He points his gun at Aiko and is bewildered when she disregards it and keeps walking toward him. She confesses that she has come to see him at the request of the police and apologises for her deception. Julio wavers. Then he lowers his gun and reveals to her that the people inside unit 827 are not terrorists. At that same moment, the council of war orders the assault. The SAT storms the hideout as Sumimoto hurriedly tells Ariga over the phone to call it off. “Don’t shoot!” Ariga yells and the team withholds their fire.

There are no explosives or detonator and Clement is not among the five foreigners found in the unit. The members of council of war are furious. As a result, Sumimoto and his men are suspended to await disciplinary action.

Meanwhile, the team has identified the executive in the photos provided by Igarashi. He holds a top position in the Spade Group. In other words, a security contractor has been keeping tabs on the foreign affairs section. William Spade is a former CIA man … and “Fish” had been brought in by them!

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