Yamikin Ushijima-kun Season 1


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Tuesdays, 12.55 – 1.25 a.m. from 12 October 2010


Cowcow Finance, the black market lender which Ujishima Kaoru operates, descends on clients who can no longer borrow at other financial institutions. On the other hand, it relentlessly collects debts from debtors without letting up. One day, Okubo Chiaki, a former adult video star appears at Cowcow Finance, hoping to get a position as a regular employee. Ushijima recruits Chiaki, who passed the bizarre company entrance exam he gave. Chiaki’s first client is Ikeda, a freeter (part-time worker) whose ambition is to be a manga artist. Ikeda works at a convenience store while endeavouring to be a manga artist, but he becomes completely addicted to the slot machines at pachinko parlours and runs into debt. He gets himself back against the wall and that is when Cowcow Finance arrives …

Yamada Takayuki as Ushijima Kaoru
The president of Cowcow Finance, a black market lender. He lends money above the legal interest rate – at 5% every 10 days. He has a brilliant mind and is cool and collected, keeping a rein on subordinates with his good judgment and ability to get things done. There is a legend that says he is “person from another world who can aim at the head and take a full swing with a metal baseball bat”.

Katase Nana as Okubo Chiaki
Cowcow Finance’s new employee. She had once been an adult video star but is a normal person with a generous heart and earnestly believes that it is wonderful to be alive.

Sakimoto Hiromi as Takada
An employee of Cowcow Finance. A good looking guy who had worked at a host club before entering the company. The majority of his clients are female.

Yabe Kyosuke as Ezaki
The number 2 man at Cowcow Finance. He looks old but was classmates with Ushijima Kaoru during the junior high school days and has his trust. He had once set his sights on being a martial artist and strong in fighting.

Saijo Ruri as Sayuri
Cowcow Finance’s receptionist. An airhead.

Yokoyama Miyuki as Anna
The number 2 “masseuse” at the “fashion health” massage parlour ‘Ero Riano’. She used to earn 2 million yen a month as a sex industry idol, but her service has poor recently and her popularity is on the wane.

Kizaki Jessica as Moko
A “masseuse” at the “fashion health” massage parlour ‘Ero Riano’. Because of her indecisive character, she bought a large quantity of recommended facial equipment and owes money to Cowcow Finance. She has been working at ‘Ero Riano’ while repaying her debt.

Kasumi Risa as Mizuki
The number one “masseuse” at the “fashion health” massage parlour ‘Ero Riano’. Her appearance is plain, but she has many regular customers because her service is the best. Her motivation in life is to increase her savings.

Tokui Yu as Ohara Shoichi
The financial backer of Cowcow Finance. He lends money to Ushijima Kaoru at an interest rate of 15% per month. He is usually waited upon by the Ohara Girls who wear sexy underclothes.

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