Second Virgin


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Nakamura Rui is a well-known, formidable, hotshot producer in the publishing world. She has produced a string of bestsellers through ruthless stratagem and shrewdness, as well as won the confidence of Magaki Shugetsu, a leading figure in the literary world. Working together with Mukai Hajime, the company president, Rui has propel their small publishing house, Shinkaisha, to become the largest in the industry. One day, she meets a young man from the Financial Services Agency called Suzuki Kou at a wine party. Kou soon resigns from the government agency and starts a globally competitive stock brokerage firm. Rui, who takes interest in Kou’s passionate desire for a reform of Japan’s financial market, orchestrates the publication of his book. Before long, the book is published. Rui keeps her distance from Kou, but on the contrary, is aggressively pursued by him. She is bewildered by the pursuit of this much younger man. Meanwhile, a young couple moves into the house next to Rui’s …

Suzuki Kyoka as Nakamura Rui
The managing director of the publishing house, Shinkaisha. Her shrewdness has made her one of the best in the industry. She is a producer who has had a string of bestsellers and a background of transforming a small publishing house into the biggest. In her private life, she is a single divorcee and has a son with her former husband. She is traumatised by the failure of her marriage as a student, and as a consequence cautions herself against depending on men. However, she finds herself wavering when wooed by a man 17 years her junior.

Hasegawa Hiroki as Suzuki Kou
A career elite at the Financial Services Agency. He had a promising future but gave it up for his dream to set up a stock brokerage firm. The book published by Shinkaisha becomes a bestseller and Kou turns into the man of the moment. He is in a loveless relationship with his wife, Marie. He has doubts about his dull life with Marie and cannot get Nakamura Rui, whom he had chanced upon at a wine party, out of his mind … …

Fukada Kyoko as Suzuki Marie
Suzuki Kou’s wife. The daughter of the president of a food manufacturer. She lives in a small world and is ignorant of the ways of the world. Frustrated with her husband who does not want children, she confides in Nakamura Rui, who lives next door, and relies on her.

Danta Yasunori as Mukai Hajime
The president of the publishing firm, Shinkaisha. He built up the company together with Nakamura Rui, and hopes to retire as president after Shinkaisha has been listed.

Kusabue Mitsuko as Magaki Shugetsu
An expert in the literary circles who had lent her support to the establishment of Shinkaisha. She has tremendous clout in the publishing world and she cannot be offended. She favours Nakamura Rui.


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