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One day, while under the influence of alcohol, Kishimoto Jiro, the principal of Shikahamabashi High School picks up a “girl” from the garbage. The next morning, that girl is sleeping in the school premises when she is found by Fukai Heita. The robot girl suddenly comes alive and Heita names her ‘Q10’. ‘Q10’ starts to adore Heita, its godparent, and Heita, who has not been popular with girls all the while, is bewildered. The robot ‘Q10’ is taught by Heita about humans and begins to learn …

Sato Takeru as Fukai Heita
A student of Shikahamabashi High School’s Class 3B. He has a cool personality and no goals in life. His life suddenly gets moving when he encounters ‘Q10’ who has come as an exchange student.

Maeda Atsuko as Q10
A learning robot. ‘Q10’ is engraved on the sole of “her” feet. “She” charges “her” energy through household electrical power sources and experiences a short-circuit if contradictions arise. “She” adores Fukai Heita and follows him around, growing as a person as the days go by.

Tanaka Yuji as Ogawa
Fukai Heita’s form teacher. He is single and lives in his parents’ house with his nagging mother. He is stuck with ‘Q10’ because of the principal and starts to look after “her”.

Ono Takehiko as Kishimoto Jiro
The principal of Shikahamabashi High School. He is responsible for picking up ‘Q10’ while intoxicated. Fearful that his bad habit will be exposed, he lets ‘Q10’ attend his school.

Yakushimaru Hiroko as Yanagi Kuriko
A university professor. The junior of Kishimoto Jiro. She is single. She has no money for some reason, and arm-twists her way into living at the high school.

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6 Responses to Q10

  1. CBR says:

    Thanks for this great blog 🙂 I always look forward to seeing a new post by you. Your site is at the top of my iGoogle page! Thank you for all your hard work in keeping us informed. Your blog really helps me to decide what new dramas I should buy. Thanks again!

  2. zsa86 says:

    Hi there! This blog is really awesome! Hope it’s ok if I’ll quote some of the phrases here. I already link your blog in mine. Thanks. Thanks. ^_^

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  5. rica says:

    i really love and enjoying watching Q10..everytime i watch each episodes,i can’t help it..!! i’m always crying,..good soundtracks,good actors and actresses..Godblessall

  6. Nepushi says:

    Whoa this drama is definitely philosophical! I learned a lot from it and pondered upon those lessons! ^^

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