Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso


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Sundays, 11.00 – 11.55 p.m. from 10 October 2010

TV Asahi

Odagiri Kyoko is a charismatic psychic who is envied by many fans for her beauty and confident words. On this day, she pulls off a reading of a big actor on a popular television programme, drawing cheers from the audience. However, in contrast to this flamboyant appearance, Kyoko is actually an ordinary girl who is plain, timid and exudes no aura. Because she has been made to do her present work against her own will by Ibushi Kaoru, who is her cousin and also the president of an entertainment agency, she would often run away from the venue. On this occasion, Kyoko is to be forcibly brought back by a black-suited gang on the orders of Kaoru. Meanwhile, Kyoko becomes acquainted with a man called Taniguchi Ichiro, who happens to be in the male toilet that she took refuge in. She quickly asks for his assistance, but is sadly floored in front of the black-suited gang and overcome by Kaoru’s assertive instructions. A library at a prestigious female university is said to be a spot for psychic phenomenon. According to the female professor, Takamine Ayako, there have been a string of baffling molest cases inside the library, and the female students who had been attacked all testify that it was the work of a ghost. Kyoko disguises her identity and begins her undercover investigation as an assistant programme director. In that instant, an apparition appears in front of her. Kyoko is thrown into a panic, but for some reason, Taniguchi turns up. It seems that he came to deliver Kyoko’s tiara, which had been dropped in the toilet. The two of them investigate their surroundings despite their fear of ghosts, and discover footprints which appear to be human … …!?

Ishihara Satomi as Odagiri Kyoko
A bogus psychic. She is usually plain and exudes no aura but once she wraps herself in the showy ‘Odakyo’ dress, she transforms into the popular psychic who speaks her mind and holds nothing back. She brilliantly solves cases with her psychic ability. While she states that, it is in fact low-key prior investigation and her keen acumen. She dispels the mysteries of paranormal phenomenon in high stake bluffs and helps people with hidden troubles on this other side.

Tanihara Shosuke as Taniguchi Ichiro
Pretending to be an ‘Odagirist’ (Odagiri Kyoko’s fans), he approaches Kyoko and takes on paranormal mysteries with her. In truth, he detests these supernatural events. For some reason, he is good at undercover investigations and no matter how absurd Kyoko’s requests may be, he will bluff that “There is nothing I cannot do!” and perform miracles one after the other.

Oshima Yuko as Ibushi Kaoru
Odagiri Kyoko’s cousin who single-handedly manages EVC Engineering, a programme planning company and entertainment agency that she inherited from her father. Beneath her cute costumes, moderate tone and captivating smile is a strong, authoritative stance which she never budges from. She deftly uses her alpha girl character which has forced Kyoko to play a psychic, to wrap Kyoko around her finger.

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