Soratobu Taiya – Subbing Status

September 14: We have finally released Ep 5! Sorry that it has taken close to nine months to finish the entire drama but don’t despair and drop this one because if there’s one drama from 2009 that you should catch, it is certainly Soratobu Taiya. It is a deceptively simple story which owes its brilliance to deft scripting, directing and acting. I love the climax that Ep 5 builds up to and the gut-wrenching ride the episode takes viewers through when it seems for a moment that everything is going to be blown out of orbit. And for anyone who doubts that an individual person can make a difference against the powers that be, the drama wants to restore that faith. In the end, there are no good guys and bad guys, just the misguided … and perhaps the enlightened.

August 25: Sorry, the finale will take some time as we are going through a rather rough patch at the moment. Stay tuned for updates.

June 12: The breakthrough comes and what a climax at the end! Ep 4 presents us with conflicted characters faced with the choice to make a difference, carry on living life the way they did without jeopardising their future, or to buckle down and accept fate. It is something that everyone can easily relate to. And also one of the aspects that makes Soratobu Taiya so good. What will you do when confronted with this choice?

April 24: We are on to Ep 3! It is a realistic, intense portrait of the swing of emotions – the hope, fear, anticipation, dread, despair – are deftly depicted and beautifully acted as the characters confront the repercussions of the accident and machinations of the corporate monolith in different ways.

February 25: Ep 2 is out! The tension grows along with the conflicts that the characters have to battle. It is rare to have a drama where the acting, screenplay and production all fall perfectly into place to create just the drama to restore faith in Japanese dramas. I love Soratobu Taiya which remains just as compelling even on my third watch. It more than makes up for the rather dismal winter season.

January 3: We’ve just released Ep 1. For those of you finding the winter drama lineup terribly woeful and boasting many potential duds (just like I do!), try watching Soratobu Taiya. If you have not watched any of the WOWOW productions so far, WOWOW dramas tend to pack an intensity and quality that seems sorely lacking in those produced by the private broadcasters. The genres are typically different too, dealing with social and corporate issues which ultimately are explorations of human emotions and motivations. If you have had the opportunity to catch Pandora or Prisoner (although much inferior to Pandora), you will most certainly know what I mean. Sit back and enjoy!


Episode 1: Subs released

Episode 2: Subs released

Episode 3: Subs released

Episode 4: Subs released

Episode 5: Subs released

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12 Responses to Soratobu Taiya – Subbing Status

  1. Saltine says:

    Nice to hear! I will get them when available.
    Gambare! ^__^

  2. A.N.JELL says:

    WOW are you subtitling this all on your own?
    I can time if you need help ^__^

    Thank you so very much for your hard work~♥

  3. luthien says:

    ohhh.. i’m looking forward to this!

  4. 9spiral says:

    Wow I’m really happy to see this! I wanted to watch this dorama because it seemed very interesting. Thanks for subbing this!

  5. Chelsey says:

    Thank God someone is subbing this. I was just messing around on the D-addicts wiki and found this drama. I really want to watch it and was super depressed nobody had subbed it so…I’m really glad you guys are! ^^

    I’ll be waiting patiently. =)

  6. ct says:

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for subbing this one. Had finished the first episode, my goodness, you can literally cut the tension with knife. I cannot wait to see how the story progress. So far, the male characters are much more rounded than the female characters. Almost all of them have their own strength and weakness and each of them wanted to do something. Let’s hope the female characters will have their own time to shine.

    Please continue. Luckily, wowow is one of the station that has been saved from the influx of idols, unless you don’t count all the concerts that we aired. The other would be tv asahi (IMO of course). Can’t wait to see what they put out later.

    • jadefrost says:

      You’re welcome. The story gets more gripping as it goes along. It’s my pick for best drama of 2009. I’m now watching Inpei Shirei which I hope is as good as Soratobu Taiya. TV Asahi is not bad but there are seasons where they have the occasional terrible duds too but I love them for making Gonzo and Rinjo possible.

      There are more announcements from WOWOW. And if previous years are any gauge, we should be expecting one WOWOW drama series for spring!

  7. Lenrasoon says:

    Thank you so much for subbing this drama, the plot looks interesting and i’m sort of missing a good Jdrama lately.

  8. luthien says:

    I just started on this, and man… I’m blown away! The script is solid, so is the acting. I’m gonna end up watching it raw and depend on your recap (thanks!). Awesome subs as always, love the timing/typesetting to.

  9. Katzentatze says:

    wow… thank you very much for subing this drama ^.^ you are awesome 😀
    can’t wait for the next episodes

  10. Vi says:

    Can you please tell me how/where I can find episodes 4 and 5 of Soratobu Taiya with english subs? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I stumbled upon your site looking for them and I am fairly new to watching dramas and finding them on the net. Maybe I am not looking where I should… Thanks for any information you can give me!

  11. arakira says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know somebody was subbing this. I’ll wait for the finale and then snatch and marathon through the series. Watched it raw and even though I didn’t get everything, this was one of the few nice dramas in 2009.

    Speaking about WOWOW, I’m so so so excited about Marks no Yama. Great Story, great cast, WOWOW…I really can’t wait for the autumn season to begin!!

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