Tofu Shimai


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Saturdays, 12.00 – 12.35 a.m. from 31 July 2010


Three sisters live together as close friends in an apartment white like tofu. The morning breakfast scene is always the same. The eldest sister, Kinuyo, gets breakfast ready. Her third sister, Yuriko, wakes up when Momen returns home from work at the cabaret club. On the other hand, the serious Kinuyo is troubled by an affair with her boss, Ishida Kazuo, and passes her days gloomily … However, the appearance of Tanaka Ichiro, a suspicious-looking man who has been secretly watching Kinuyo from the shadows, starts to bring about a change in her daily life …

Yoshitaka Yuriko as Yoshitaka Kinuyo
A librarian. She has a serious and tolerant personality. She is hung up about the mole on her forehead. Her ambition is to be a novelist and she is a fan of the author, Kiryu Kazuaki.

Yoshitaka Yuriko as Yoshitaka Momen
The number one female cabaret club employee. She is not flirtatious with customers and has the disposition of a big sister. She believes in the importance of being straight and funny.

Yoshitaka Yuriko as Yoshitaka Yuriko
A young, popular actress. She mediates quarrels between her sisters, Kinuyo and Momen. She often brings her pet dog, Daizu, to work.

Tsukaji Muga as Tanaka Ichiro
A suspicious man who keeps track of Yoshitaka Kinuyo. He meets Kinuyo again at an unexpected place, and his true identity is exposed.

Tanaka Yoji as Ishida Kazuo
The person in charge of the library. Yoshitaka Kinuyo’s boss. He continues to have an affair with Kinuyo while telling her that he will divorce his wife.

Tsuda Kanji as Hotta
The editor of a long-established publishing house with the temperament of a seasoned artisan. He was the person who launched the career of Yoshitaka Kinuyo’s favourite author, Kiryu Kazuaki.


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