Atami no Sousakan


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Fridays, 11.15 p.m. – 12.15 a.m. from 30 July 2010

TV Asahi

Four female students of ‘Eien no Mori Gakuen’, Shinonome Mai, Sawaragi Miko, Tsukishiro Minami and Moegi Izumi, leave their dormitory earlier than usual and board a school bus in preparation for the school entrance ceremony. However, en route to the campus, the driver, Shinguji Aritomo, suddenly brings the bus to a halt. It is because he has found an old man, Hebikawa Hoan, collapsed on the road. Shinguji leaves the four girls in the bus, and comes out to attend to Hebikawa. Then, the bus whose hand brake should have been properly pulled up, starts to roll down the slope! Shinguji hastily runs after it, but the bus disappears in the fog … Jusaka Osamu and his colleagues from Minami Atami Police Precinct begin to investigate as soon as they are alerted by the school. They discover Shinguji walking deliriously in an open field with his clothes stripped off. Although they immediately take him into custody, they cannot obtain decisive leads to solve the case. However, in the early hours of the morning three days, there is a sudden twist in the situation. An unconscious Mai is found at a bus stop in Minami Atami city and taken to the hospital, but she does not regain consciousness. They are not able to determine the whereabouts of the other three girls and the bus as time ticks away … Three years pass. Mai suddenly awakens. In response, the national investigators Hoshizaki Kenzo and Kitajima Sae, are dispatched to Minami Atami Police Precinct to investigate. The two of them promptly seek Mai who is still hospitalised. However, the exposed parts of Mai’s body such as her face and hands have been wrapped in bandages and she has completely lost all memory of the incident. Approaching Mai, Hoshizaki deliberately sets up an outrageous trap, and gets wind of “something” that has a significant connection to the investigation that lies ahead …

Odagiri Joe as Hoshizaki Kenzo
A national investigator. He is taken off from the main investigation and dispatched to Minami Atami Police Precinct to investigate the disappearance of a school bus. He possess the special ability to get the general picture from trivial things. He dislikes coffee.

Kuriyama Chiaki as Kitajima Sae
A national investigator. She is taken off from the main investigation and assigned to Minami Atami Police Precinct with Hoshizaki Kenzo as her partner. She is a cool beauty and also capable in her work, but has no affinity with men because a problem personality.

Matsushige Yutaka as Jusaka Osamu
The chief of Minami Atami Police Precinct. He investigate the disappearance of the school bus right after it occurred three years ago.

Matsuo Suzuki as Shuin-kashira
The yakuza boss of Minami Atami Entertainment, which goes by the name of ‘Shuin-gumi’. He advocates mercy for the townspeople, and his temperament is completely obscured. He has connections to Minami Atami’s mayor, Amari Masahiko, behind the scenes.

Ogiwara Masato as Hirasaka Ayumu
The representative of the nonprofit organisation “Sora to Umi to Niji no Kai” which undertakes conservation work. He is opposed to the mayor, Amari Masahiko. He complains of the unnecessary roads and opposes the construction of embankments.

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