Keishichou Keizoku Sousahan


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Thursdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 22 July 2010

TV Asahi

Kishi Manami is a profiling expert who teaches at the police academy. Mizuki Noriko visits her. Noriko is the head of a special investigation task force which has been established to take on murder cases where the statute of limitation has lapsed and solve cold cases. Manami, who comes to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police at Noriko’s request, is shown an internet video of a lady struggling with a rope wrapped around her neck by the team leader of the Unsolved Investigations Section, Nitta Akihiko. Seeing the name of the video contributor, Manami’s expression grows strained. ‘Kinyoubi no Kousatsuma’ – It is the same name as the criminal who had targeted Fridays and strangled four ladies in a string of unsolved cases six years ago. Is the criminal in this case the same person? Noriko asks Manami to carry out profiling. Manami, who has withdrawn from crime scene investigations for some unspecified reason, is hesitant. However, she is moved by Noriko’s desire to prevent an increase in the number of victims and decides to cooperate. The detectives from the section, Yabuki Shinichi and Iwase Koichiro, join them and the investigation begins. Manami immediately visits the crime scene with Yabuki, and notes that the victim’s head had been covered with a plastic bag. In addition, she is able to make inferences about the criminal’s personality and mental state from a detailed analysis of the internet video. But just as it appears that the investigation will make headway with Manami’s profiling, a new video from ‘Kinyoubi no Kousatsuma’ comes out!

Kimura Yoshino as Kishi Manami
A profiling expert who is good at psychology. She had been one of the Metropolitan Police’s career elite, but left the police force for some unspecified reason and became a lecturer at the police academy. She is headhunted by Mizuki Noriko, the head of the Unsolved Investigations Section, and joins in the investigations. As a theorist, there are occasions when she clashes with field-oriented detectives, but she finds clues that solve the cases with her sharp, brilliant mind and cool and collected personality.

Tsutsui Michitaka as Yabuki Shinichi
A detective with the Unsolved Investigations Section. Rank: Assistant Inspector. He is paired with Kishi Manami. He had been a detective in the First Investigative Division, but was sidetracked because of some case and came to the Unsolved Investigations Section. As a realist, he gathers facts from evidence and testimonies to solve cases, and consequently often clashes with Manami, who is a theorist, but gradually cooperate in investigations.

Ihara Tsuyoshi as Nitta Akihiko
The team leader of the Unsolved Investigations Section. Rank: Inspector. He and Kishi Manami are old friends. He guides the team toward solving cases with a detective’s intuition honed by hundreds of visits to crime scenes and ability to read the people’s emotions. Backed by a wealth of experience and a cool and collected demeanour, he never gets perturbed.

Yo Kimiko as Mizuki Noriko
The head of the Unsolved Investigations Section. Rank: Superintendent. She is appointed to head the Unsolved Investigations Section because of her extensive experience on the frontline and overseas assignments. She had once been strict of the job to the extent that she was called “iron lady”, but now works for the good of the police as an organisation woman. Sometimes kind, and sometimes severe, she brings together elite and veteran investigators with different dispositions.

Hiraizumi Sei as Iwase Koichiro
A detective with the Unsolved Investigations Section. A detective who has no interest in career advancement and worked his way up to his present position. He has a wealth of experience. A veteran who had spent many years at crime scenes, he is able to thoroughly check things no matter how trivial they may be if there are lingering questions. He is also a good adviser to Kishi Manami.


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