Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku


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Mondays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 19 July 2010

Fuji TV

Kusunoki Taiga’s father is the famous actor, Kusunoki Kotaro; his mother, Machiko, was a former actress; and Taiga himself is a second-generation actor. However, he falls woefully short of his great father and passes his days in obscurity. Furthermore, he is still dependent on his parents. As for love, 26 years has passed and he continues to wait for the appearance of a girlfriend who sees only him and loves him. Just the other day, Taiga had broken up with a girl he had been dating because he did not like the way she holds her chopsticks. Taiga’s friend, Ueno Keita, is also a second-generation actor. The two of them get along well as they are in the same situation, and hang out together on their off days. On this day, they are enjoying sky diving. However, Taiga is the only one carried away by the wind. He falls into a wooded area near the sea, a considerable distance from the landing point. Although he avoids crashing to earth, he finds himself stuck on a tree branch. Just as he is feeling distressed that he cannot cut himself free, a lady happens to walk by … Furthermore, she is a beautiful woman. Taiga hurriedly calls out to her for help but granted that he is unpopular, he is still an actor … He beseeches her not to make a scene by calling the police or getting the attention of people, and wants her to use other methods to get him down. Then, the lady uses an unexpected measure to return Taiga to the ground. After making sure that he is all right, she leaves without telling him her name because she is in a rush. That lady is Kitamura Shiori. This is the peculiar encounter between Taiga and Shiori …

Matsumoto Jun as Kusunoki Taiga
The second son of famous Japanese actor, Kusunoki Kotaro. He aims to be an actor just like his father but his main work is nothing but appearances on variety shows as a second-generation talent. Called ‘Kusunoki Kotaro’s son’ since he was a child, Taiga has been mocked about capitalising on his father’s fame and has an inferiority complex. He is overly concerned about how he is viewed, is also irrational and big-headed.

Takeuchi Yuko as Kitamura Shiori
A cheerful, positive woman who is troubled by some big problem but brushes it off with laughter. She is a big fan of Kusunoki Kotaro and watches the television drama “Kaze no Ginjiro” when she is in pain and recovers her spirits. She happens to end up working at Taiga’s agency, and grows to have a big influence on Taiga and the Kusunokis.

Sawamura Ikki as Kusunoki Daiki
The eldest son of the Kusunoki family and Taiga’s older brother. Unlike his father, Kusunoki Kotaro, he chose to be an elementary school teacher – a steady profession. His personality is the exact opposite of Taiga’s, but he actually also has a level-headed side to him. Because he likes females very much, he often pursues them.

Matsushige Yutaka as Aoki Hisao
The manager of Kusunoki Kotaro’s agency. He respects Kusunoki Kotaro, who is the poster boy of the agency, and hopes that his son, Taiga, will quickly come of age as an actor. However, he does not know what to do with the big-headed, irrational Taiga, and is strict with him.

Kasahara Hideyuki as Ueno Keita
A second-generation actor whose mother is a famous singer. He shares the same troubles as Kusunoki Taiga. Keita has also been dismal as an actor, and is ‘second-generation friends’ with Taiga. The two of them often hang out, going for meals or sky diving.

Nagayama Kento as Irabu Jo
A rival actor who for some reason sees Kusunoki Taiga as his enemy and snatches away all the roles that Taiga aims for at auditions. He prides himself for his ability to win roles through merit and without a parent like Taiga’s as a backer.

Ito Shiro as Kusunoki Kotaro
Kusunoki Taiga’s father. A famous actor active in movies, theatre and TV and is loved by Japanese households for the long-running television series, “Edo ni Saku . Kaze no Ginjiro”. He is more worried about Taiga than anyone else and watches over him.

Matsuzaka Keiko as Kusunoki Machiko
Kusunoki Taiga’s mother. A successful actress who was the ‘top actress that men want as a bride’ for three consecutive years, and she took up homemaking. However, she is lousy at household chores and has no concept of finances. She is ignorant of the ways of the world and is also prone to making silly mistakes but seems very lovely.

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