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Goto Hideo and Komukai Momoko happen to be next to each other on an airplane from the US which is bound for Japan. Goto, who is gazing at a ‘Shonentai’ DVD, is a dead-ringer for Higashi. He had been an idol who made his debut with the group ‘Ami and Go’, and it has just been decided that he will make a new debut with the stage name ‘Fire Goto’. Goto happily says, “Now my long-cherished dream has come true,” and Momoko stares at him with a mystified look. At that moment, a medical crisis occurs onboard! Momoko, who is a houseman, suspects that it is a cerebellar hemorrhage from the patient’s appearance, and tells the crew to “make an emergency landing as quickly as possible because the patient’s life will be at stake if not brought to a hospital”. This causes an uproar among passengers onboard the plane … However, Goto, who had taken a glance at the patient, is unruffled. He issues precise instructions to Momoko and the patient is quickly treated. “You are a doctor?” Momoko asks, and in response, Goto says, “I’m not a doctor, I’m a dancer.” Several days later, Momoko takes a post at the Department of General Medicine at Eijin University’s affiliated hospital, Meiho, with a heart filled with excitement. General medicine is an advanced medical field in the US. However, in the case of Meiho Hospital’s Department of General Medicine, it is the haunt of a ragtag bunch of doctors. Himuro Shintaro, the head of the department, was rising in popularity, but his marriage broke up and he was demoted because of his repeated affairs; Urushibara Seiji, a former gastroenterological doctor, is the Department of General Medicine’s ‘director of ceremonial occasions’; Machiya Reina was rumoured to be a ‘knife-happy’ emergency doctor and shunted off to the Department of General Medicine; Goda Jun, a former pathologist, is stuck with the label of ‘sociophobia’ … Momoko is also dumbfounded by tragic state of the nurse, Motoki Kensuke’s resignation. The Department of General Medicine becomes the target of restructuring by the hospital director, Oyama Gozo, and his manager Sone Tomo, whose raison d’etre is cost-cutting. One day, a male patient called Saiiki, who has an unidentified illness, is brought to Meiho Hospital. A neurologist diagnoses him with ‘ALS’ but his younger sister, Yoko, is not convinced and requests a second opinion by the Department of General Medicine. However, Himuro and the others have neither the motivation nor the diagnostic ability. “If the Department of Neurology diagnosed it as ‘ALS’, it cannot be wrong.” Their attitude is noncommittal. Feeling frustrated, Momoko, who trusts in the diagnostic ability of Goto, whom she met onboard the plane a few days ago, decides to summon him to the Department of General Medicine …!?

Higashiyama Noriyuki as Goto Hideo
A doctor at Meiho Hospital’s Department of General Medicine. He was born as the son of the owner of a major local hospital, and took up medicine but could not adapt to Japanese hospitals and went to the US. He returned to Japan after learning about the latest in medicine at the highest authority in general medicine. He is a genius at medical examinations and treatments but has no idea about other secular things.

Tabe Mikako as Komukai Momoko
A houseman in her third year. She set her sights on being a doctor at the Department of General Medicine because her father had died of an unknown illness. She also gives her boss, Goto Hideo, pep talks.

Namase Katsuhisa as Urushibara Seiji
A doctor at the Department of General Medicine. He has no motivation as a doctor, and survives by flattering his superiors.

Okura Tadayoshi as Motoki Kensuke
An outstanding nurse at the Department of General Medicine. He became a nurse because he could not be a doctor. He is critical of the unmotivated doctors at the department.

Yoshizawa Hisashi as Goda Jun
A former pathologist. He has a wealth of knowledge about medical treatment but does not put this into practice because he is poor at talking to people.

Owada Shinya as Oyama Gozo
The president of Meiho University Hospital and director of Meiho Hospital. The most powerful man within the hospital. He values Goto Hideo’s capabilities and thinks of making good use of him.

Yashima Norito as Sone Tomo
The office manager of Meiho Hospital. He schemes to shut down the the Department of General Medicine and is diabolical man who will stop at nothing to achieve his aim.

Koike Eiko as Machiya Reina
A former plastic surgeon. Her ‘knife-happy’ ways were her misfortune and she is transferred to the Department of General Medicine. She frequently clashes with her superiors because of her strong-minded personality.

Shiina Kippei as Himuro Shintaro
The head of the Department of General Medicine. He married the only daughter of the director of Meiho Hospital. However, the marriage broke up because of his affairs. He is inspired by Goto Hideo and tries to come back to his roots as a doctor.


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