Hanchou ~ Jinnansho Azumihan Season 3


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Mondays, 8.00 – 8.54 p.m. from 5 July 2010


One morning, a shotgun as well as 500 rounds of live ammunition is stolen from Jinnan Precinct. When Azumi Tsuyoshi arrives at the crime scene, he sees Ishikura, the head of the forensics unit, who predicts that the criminal will soon commit another crime. And, true to his words, an armoured truck with 100 million yen in cash disappears shortly after leaving a bank, and before long, this is reported to Jinnan Precinct … According to Kamiyama Masayoshi, a security guard who was riding in the truck, it seems that the driver, Okita Masakazu, had stolen the vehicle while he got out. However, Kamiyama sticks up for Okita, a serious man with a stronger sense of justice than others, whom he says would not commit a crime. As the police have nothing on the whereabouts of Okita’s wife and daughter, Azumi and his team speculate that Okita was forced to steal the armoured truck because his family had been held hostage …

Sasaki Kuranosuke as Azumi Tsuyoshi
The section chief of the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section. Rank: Assistant Inspector. A dependable leader who is willing to oppose his superiors and resist power for the sake of his subordinates. He enjoys the trust of his subordinates and is affectionately called “Team Leader”. He is a divorcee and lives alone but is poor at household matters.

Nakamura Shunsuke as Murasame Akihiko
A detective with the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section. Azumi Tsuyoshi’s subordinate and second in command. He is too serious and a little stiff and formal but is an exceptionally outstanding detective. He is married and has a daughter attending kindergarten.

Tsukaji Muga as Suda Saburo
A detective with the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section. Kind-hearted and quick to sympathise with other people, he is vulnerable to women. He does not seem like a detective because his round figure exudes a warm and snug sensation, but he has the keenest perception among the detectives in Azumi Tsuyoshi’s team.

Kurotani Tomoka as Mizuno Maho
A detective with the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section and the only female in Azumi Tsuyoshi’s team. She is strong willed and there are also moments during investigations when she flares up and loses her cool. She has an unusually strong sense of justice and energetically tackles investigations with Azumi.

Kashu Toshiki as Kuroki Kazuya
A detective with the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section. A hot-blooded sportsman type who also possesses a methodical and gracious side. He respects his seniors and also takes good care of his juniors.

Yamaguchi Shogo as Sakurai Taiichiro
A detective with the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section. The youngest member on Azumi Tsuyoshi’s team who listens carefully to his superiors and seniors, and faithfully follows instructions.

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