WOWOW Drama Special 2010 ~ Tanin no Ie


From 10.00 p.m., 4 April 2010

Official Website

Kaihara Eiji staged a robbery at the instigation of bad friends. After he is released from prison, he lives quietly with his wife in their apartment. However, his criminal record is leaked out to everyone and he and his wife are driven out of their apartment. At that moment, the Kaiharas are asked by an old man living nearby who suffers from cancer if he can adopt them and let them inherit his home. They are overjoyed. However, the Kaiharas are subsequently embroiled in a startling incident …


Watabe Atsuro as Kaihara Eiji
Sentenced to five years in prison for a robbery seven years ago. After his release from prison, he works with his wife, Akiko, at a pachinko parlour, and has been living modestly.

Toda Naho as Kaihara Akiko
Kaihara Eiji’s wife. She was his junior in high school and they registered their marriage when he was serving his sentence in prison. She comes from a wealthy family.

Ono Takehiko as Akita Kimio
Kaihara Eiji’s high school teacher. He became the guarantor for the Kaiharas’ apartment after Eiji was released from prison, and is concerned about the couple.

Ito Shiro as Sato Hisashi
An old man who lives near the Kaiharas. A former teacher. He lives alone because wife left him and he has no children.

Takasugi Ko as Hirokami Masao
Kaihara Eiji’s classmate who invited him to join in the robbery. The son of an electrical appliance store owner.

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