NHK Drama Special 2010 ~ Daibutsu Kaigen

Date: From 7.30 p.m., 3 and 10 April 2010
Cast: Yoshioka Hidetaka, Ishihara Satomi, Takahashi Katsunori, Uchiyama Rina, Kunimura Jun, Asano Atsuko, Enami Kyoko, Oida Yoshi
Synopsis: In 734, Kibi no Makibi (Yoshioka Hidetaka), an envoy to Tang China who was recognised for his unparalleled academic ability during the Tang Dynasty, crossed the East China Sea and returned to Japan after 17 years to be tearfully reunited with his mother and younger sister in ancient Nara. Makibi soon meets the beautiful Abe Nai-Shinno (Ishihara Satomi) at the imperial court. Before long, he is chosen to be her tutor and they form a strong bond. In 737, an event happens that shatters ancient Nara’s power structure. Smallpox ravages Japan, claiming the lives of the four Fujiwara brothers who had exercised great influence in politics. Tachibana no Moroe is quickly promoted to be the Minister of the Right and with that, Makibi and the monk, Gen, are given important posts. On the other hand, the Fujiwara clan is brought to ruin in one stroke. Singling out Makibi and Gen for criticism, Fujiwara no Hirotsgu, who was demoted, rose up in arms with the Dazaifu in the Fujiwara no Hirotsgu Rebellion. Fearing an insurgency by Fujiwara, Emperor Shomu (Kunimura Jun) pays an imperial visit to the eastern provinces. He is fascinated by a Rushana Buddha at a temple along the way, and pictures the construction of a large statue of Buddha. At that moment, Makibi confronts Fujiwara no Nakamaro (Takahashi Katsunori), who has risen up in arms, and talks him out of war. The Fujiwara no Hirotsgu Rebellion is suppressed by government troops and the capital is soon moved to Kunikyo. The escalating turmoil heightens Emperor Shomu’s desire to construct a large statue of Buddha. Makibi asserts that the statue should not be built at a time when the country is impoverished, but an encounter with the charms of priest Gyoki (Oida Yoshi) leads him to bring Emperor Shomu and the priest together. Gyoki accepts the task to build the Buddha statue. At that moment, Fujiwara no Nakamaro, who plans to restore the nation under the ritsuryo codes, makes an attempt on the life of Abe Shinno, the crown princess. After that, Nakamaro enjoys success with the backing of the Empress Dowager Komyo (Enami Kyoko), wielding immense power through their puppet, Empress Koken, and finally driving Makibi away to Tang China …


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