Gaiji Keisatsu – Characters

Gaiji Keisatsu - RC

Watabe Atsuro as Sumimoto Kenji
Chief, Fourth Foreign Affairs Section of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Public Safety Division. Rank: Assistant Inspector. The darling of the Foreign Affairs Police who trains them as spy hunters. He pursues his targets with levelheaded judgment and calculation but is called “Devil of Public Safety” because he will do whatever it takes for the missions and thinks nothing of trampling on the weak. He is also a trouble maker within the police as a result of his ruthless investigations.

Ishida Yuriko as Shimomura Aiko
The wife of a reputable hairdresser. She and her husband are a loving couple. Even though her husband has slipped into a vegetative state because of a traffic accident, she continues to devote herself to his care but her life is turned upside down by Sumimoto. She becomes his collaborator and infiltrates terrorist hideouts.

Ono Machiko as Matsuzawa Hina
Senior Police Officer, Toyoshima Minami Precinct. Her ambition is to be a detective but she is suddenly ordered by her precinct to undergo training and assigned to the Fourth Foreign Affairs Section. She originally pursued a career as a police officer in order to protect females from criminal offenses because her good friend had developed a fear of men ever since she was attacked by a slasher back when they were in high school. She gains Shimomura Aiko, whom she got to know as a result of an accident, as a collaborator. However, that was a ruse set up by Sumimoto. She sees his hard-nosed methods with her own eyes and grows hostile to him.

Kataoka Reiko as Igarashi Ayane
Fourth Foreign Affairs Section of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Public Safety Division. Formerly from the Public Safety Division’s First Section. Her main work is to acquire collaborators and conduct operations; duties which she performs without any resistance even though it makes sport of human nature in the process. She has absolute pride in her fighting spirit, perseverance and good sense. She has been forced to carry out assignments that are almost callous by Sumimoto Kenji. A lot of it is special undercover work that has to be kept from her other team members. She is tired of that and is now thinking of resigning from the police force.

Kitami Toshiyuki as Kanazawa Ryoga
Fourth Foreign Affairs Section of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Public Safety Division. Formerly from the Second Foreign Affairs Section. A pro who plays a key role in the area of concealment. He is a man whose image is quite different from the Public Safety’s ‘dark, cold’ image. Well-liked by all sorts of people, he uses his charm as a weapon, and manages the establishment of contacts. He was asked to join the newly-established Fourth Foreign Affairs Section when he had to change his post in accordance to the Metropolitan Police’s ‘five-year rule’. He is the longest serving veteran on Sumimoto Kenji’s team and backs up Sumimoto, who is his junior.

Endo Kenichi as Kurata Toshiki
Director, Security Planning Division of the Metropolitan Police Department. The head of the so-called ‘Zero’ division. He colleatively manages the collaborators of the Public Security Police nationwide. All information on Public Security detectives are consolidated down here. Because he has a sense of duty to get hold of all information, he obsessively micromanages. He has misgivings about the friendship between Sumimoto Kenji and Ariga Shotaro.

Yo Kimiko as Muramatsu Kumi
Chief Cabinet Secretary of the current administration. It is whispered that she is the politician who will be Japan’s first female Prime Minister. She intends to cut the budget of the Public Safety Division’s Foreign Affairs Sections but learns that terrorists have infiltrated Japan just before an international counter-terrorism conference. The failure of this international conference signifies Muramatsu’s downfall.

Ishibashi Jun as Ariga Shotaro
Head of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Bureau. He and Sumimoto Kenji’s father belonged to the same team in the First Foreign Affairs Section. At that time, Sumimoto’s father had gone overseas in place of the newly married Ariga. As a result of this incident, Sumimoto, a front-line guy, and him form an unlikely relationship which overcomes organisational rank.

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