Fumou Chitai – Episode 19 Synopsis (final)

Episode 19: The promised land


Kinki Corporation begins drilling at the Sarvestan oil field in Iran. However, even though 6 billion yen has been spent and four wells have been drilled, they have not struck the oil reserve. In the midst of this, a call comes in that a gas explosion has occurred at the fifth well which Iki and Hyodo have been pinning their hopes on. Reports from the site have been cut off and the phone connection has also been down since that time. Iki cannot hide his impatience as this situation goes on.

Two days later, Iki receives a phone call from Hyodo, who is at the site. Hyodo says the fifth well is finally circulating normally after two straight nights of work. Believing Hyodo’s words that the gas eruption is a sign of the presence of oil, Iki entrusts everything to him and orders drilling to resume.

One night, Samejima comes to Iki’s apartment. He brings up the topic of Daimon’s poor performance in the cotton market, and says that the president of Daisan Bank, Kinki Corporation’s main bank, is worried about Daimon because of that matter.

The next day, Ihara, the head of the Cotton Division, submits an unofficial resignation. He says he will take responsibility for the 4.9 billion yen lost in the cotton market to protect Daimon. However, Daimon tells Ihara that, on the contrary, he will be put in a bad position if the matter is known to everyone, and tears up Ihara’s resignation letter.

Daimon summons Iki and demands to know if Iki had pressed Ihara to submit his resignation. Iki acknowledges this and urges Daimon to get out of the cotton market quickly. Iki says that if Daimon does not listen, he will submit a resolution at the board of directors meeting. Feeling a sense of crisis at Iki’s words, Daimon visits Takubo Industries and meets Satoi. He decides to accept Satoi’s condition to remove Iki from Kinki Corporation so that Satoi will return to the company.

On another day, Kaibe and Yatsuka from Kinki Corporation US come to see Iki. They say that they are proceeding with a partnership between Chiyoda Motors and United Motors, and will finally have a meeting with United Motors.

The drilling of the fifth well at Sarvestan is underway but there is still no sign of oil. Chairman Regan of Orion Oil Company arrives at the site. He is prepared to take risks and insists that they should try hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing packs power and also carries the risk of unanticipated collapse of the overlying strata. However, Regan says he will quit if they just continue to wait for oil to come out because they are already beyond the break-even point. Hyodo is pressed to make a decision. After a moment to think it over, he decides to gamble everything on hydraulic fracturing.

At the same moment, the board of directors meeting is being held at Kinki Corporation. In addition to Ihara’s hospitalisation at the department of psychiatry for neurosis, Musashi Minoru, the Director of Finance, brings up the huge losses in the cotton market. However, Daimon says that compared to cotton market, the 6 billion wasted on oil development is the problem, and announces to the board of directors that he has called Satoi back to be the deputy CEO in order to turn the business around.

While Satoi is delivering his address to the board of directors, Iki’s secretary, Hanawa, rushes into the boardroom with news that oil has come out from Sarvestan’s fifth well. He says the daily production will be above 20,000 – 30,000 barrels given the amount of oil gushing out. Kakuta and Musashi offer Iki words of congratulations and appreciation. A teary-eyed Iki thanks the board of directors.

Iki holds a press conference with Daimon to report the discovery of the oil field. He credits Daimon’s fearlessness and courage for their success. Satoi, who sees this scene at the entrance, quietly leaves the press conference room.

After the press conference, Daimon and Iki return to the CEO’s office. Then, Iki suddenly presses Daimon to retire voluntarily. “You’ve coveted the presidency ever since you started the oil development. What national interest? What sense of duty?!” Daimon shouts at Iki.

The following day, an article on Daimon’s massive losses in the cotton market is carried on Maichou Shimbun’s front page. Iki had leaked the information to Tawara. Daimon is livid when he sees the article. Throwing the newspaper down, he angrily tramples on it. Satoi arrives and Daimon orders him to get the support of their major shareholders and the main banks. However, Satoi says the battle is over and asks Daimon to drop the matter of his return to Kinki Corporation. At a time when the major shareholders and main banks as well as everyone within the company supports Iki, Daimon will have no power to throw him out.

Meanwhile, Beniko visits Lake Biwa. While there, she calls Chisato, and asks if Chisato will be marrying Iki. Chisato replies that may be she has grown out of such a relationship with Iki. She does not want her ceramic work to be disturbed by being his wife, and also thinks that she will not be able to support Iki like Yoshiko used to. Beniko tells Chisato, “You’re different from his late wife” …

One day, Iki is summoned by Daimon and visits the headquarters in Osaka. Daimon tells Iki that he will be retiring as Kinki Corporation’s CEO and will become its chairman. Then, Iki proposes that Daimon become the advisor and not the chairman, and takes his resignation letter out from his breast pocket. Now that they have succeeded in oil development, there should be a generational change. The fight should be by the organisation from now on.

In response to Iki’s wishes, Daimon announces to the assembled board of directors that he will step down as CEO. Hyodo and the rest are unable to hide their shock at learning that Iki will be stepping down too.

Iki calls Naoko and Makoto to tell them that he will be following Tanigawa’s last wishes and carrying on with the work for Sakuhukai from now on. Naoko smiles and tells her father, who bows his head in apology for causing them trouble, “It has been hard on you all this while.”

Then Iki goes to meet Chisato. He apologises for what has happened so far and tries to end their relationship. However, Chisato replies that her feelings for him will not change and she will wait for him.

Several days later, Iki is at Haneda Airport, headed for Siberia. Then, Samejima appears and shows him an article on Kinki Corporation’s success at forming a capital alliance between Chiyoda Motors and United Motors. Samejima says Iki will not get away with this and speculates that Iki’s resignation is a pretense because he intends to stage a surprise attack. Following Iki, who is headed for the departure gate, Samejima shouts to his back, “The battle has not ended yet! Only I have beaten Iki Tadashi! Don’t quit!”

Iki touches down in Siberia and visits the burial ground of his Japanese comrades which stretch across the snow fields. He silently joins his hands in prayer as he recalls the harsh detention in Siberia. Tears fill his eyes …

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  1. Jo says:

    I’m surely gonna miss this drama when its done. Its the best for this season.

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