Fumou Chitai – Episode 15 Synopsis

Episode 15: Get lost, nuisance!


Iki and Hyodo, who have embarked on oil development, obtain information that Iran’s Sarvestan oil field is on the market before any other company. Based on this information, Iki meets Kaizuka, who is now the president of the state-run Japan Oil Corporation, and obtains his informal consent to support Kinki Corporation’s single bid and development fund. However, Samejima, who learns about that, allies Tokyo Corporation with Goryo Corporation and Goi Trading and puts pressure on Kaizuka in order to stop Kinki Corporation’s single bid. As a result, Kinki Corporation, Tokyo Corporation, Goryo Corporation and Goi Trading will bid for the Sarvestan oil field as a consortium of four companies. However, the decision is made that Kinki Corporation’s controlling share will only be ten percent in contrast to the thirty percent that the other companies have.

Infuriated by Kaizuka’s decision, Iki decides to take on the bid without joining hands with Japan Oil Corporation. Iki and Hyodo search for a foreign oil development company with technical and financial strength, and plan to form an alliance with Orion Oil Company, an independent US-based petroleum company.

That night, Iki visits Club Le Bois and is reunited with Beniko. Beniko, who has already heard information that Kinki Corporation is getting into the oil business, says she has also been asked about Kinki Corporation by her friend, the former queen of Iran. On this occasion, Iki learns that Beniko is personally acquainted with Regan, the chairman of Orion Oil Company, and asks her to be his intermediary. She accepts and tells Iki to come to Jakarta with Hyodo when Regan meets her husband, Howan, next month.

Meanwhile, Satoi, who has returned to work, discusses the oil development with Daimon. He argues that it is preposterous to pull out from Japan Oil Corporation’s consortium and partner with an overseas company. If they fail, it would shake the foundations of Kinki Corporation and Daimon will also be affected.

In the midst of this, Iki and Hyodo, who visit Howan’s residence in Jakarta, meet Regan and secure a pledge of partnership in the bid for the Sarvestan oil field. The next problem is securing development funds of 10 billion yen. In order to suppress opposition within the company, Iki and Hyodo secretly start swinging into action. They summon Musashi Minoru, the Director of Finance, and Domoto Shigeto, the Executive Director for Steel, to Singapore and gain the approval of both men. Kakuta, who has been ordered by Satoi to sound him out on the movements of Iki and his men, does not discover this.

Iki returns to Japan early. He is visited by Kaibe and Harue. Kaibe is back on a business trip while Harue says she has come home to see her parents. Then Kakuta arrives to deliver Japanese food that his wife has made to Iki. Iki thanks him and accepts the food.

Iki has a phone call from Chisato when eating dinner with Harue and Kaibe. Chisato has come to Tokyo for a Japanese pottery exhibition meeting, and she had made a promise to visit Iki’s apartment on this occasion. Guessing that the caller is the lady who had slept over at Iki’s apartment in New York, Harue takes Kaibe with her and leaves Iki’s apartment. Then, Iki receives another phone call from Chisato. She says she cannot come to Iki’s place because her gas kiln is not working and she has to return to Kyoto by the night train. Hearing that, Iki tells her she does not have to go back because of the problem with her kiln. Chisato says Iki does not understand her work even though he always puts his job first, and hangs up on him.

The following day, a management meeting bringing together Daimon and the members of the board is held at Kinki Corporation. The agenda is naturally oil development and the partnership with Orion Oil Company. Iki predictably clashes with Satoi at the meeting. However, Iki’s supporters are not just Domoto and Musashi but also Kakuta. An enraged Satoi attacks Iki and even brings up the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Iki replies that that is precisely why Japan should try to get oil, which had once been obtained through force, in a peaceful manner in order to secure its future. Hearing this exchange between the two men, Daimon decides to gamble the company’s fortunes on oil development because there will neither be profits nor prosperity without risks.

After the meeting, Iki makes a request to Daimon. It is to remove Satoi. The next day, Daimon summons Satoi and orders him to be the president of Takubo Industries and to turn the company’s business around. Thrown into confusion by the short notice, Satoi raises his voice, telling Daimon not to be deceived by Iki. Daimon confides in Satoi about his will. In the last ten years, he has been made a will every New Year’s day in case something happens to himself. He says he had written Satoi’s name as his successor each of the ten times. If Satoi cannot accept this unofficial announcement, he must resign. Having said this, Daimon leaves his office. Left alone in the room, Satoi breaks down and cries …

Daimon brings Iki with him to Tabuchi’s residence. They report that Kinki Corporation will partner Orion Oil Company in the international bid for Iran’s Sarvestan oil field and ask Tabuchi for his backing.

In the midst of this, Iki visits Mt Goro in Maizuru with Tanigawa. Tanigawa has decided to build a memorial to their comrades who had died in Siberia at this place which looks out over Maizuru port, where the detainees from Siberia had landed. Then, Iki tells Tanigawa that he will work on oil development as his last project. Knowing that petroleum is the lifeline of the country, Tanigawa encourages Iki to accomplish it for the sake of those who had died in the war.

Before long, Kinki Corporation’s break away from Japan Oil Corporation’s consortium is reported in the newspapers. However, the articles are all strongly critical of Kinki Corporation.

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