Fumou Chitai – Episode 11 Synopsis

Episode 11: Man killed by jealousy


Aiming for a partnership between Chiyoda Motors and one of the one of the big three in the US automotive industry, Iki holds negotiations with Fork Corporation together with Satoi. Chiyoda Motors fears a takeover and insists that it wants Fork Corporation’s controlling share to be below 25 percent. In response to this, Fork Corporation refuses to negotiate unless it has a controlling share of more than 33.4%, which will enable it to exercise veto power in important resolutions.

Satoi has put a new plan together with the trusted Kakuta. It is to drop the partnership talks that Iki and his men have pursued, and form a new 50:50 joint venture company between Fork Corporation and Chiyoda Motors.

Visiting Detroit with Iki and his men, Satoi holds a meeting with the chairman of Fork Corporation. At the meeting, the chairman expresses a strong interest in Satoi’s proposal and replies that the discussion is subject to an assessment of Chiyoda Motors’ financial condition.

Satoi immediately gets in touch with Daimon and reports that Fork Corporation will dispatch an undercover inquiry commission which will arrive in Japan next month. Satoi intends to personally lead the preparations to receive the inquiry commission. Iki offers his opinion to Satoi, telling him that he does not think Chiyoda Motors will agree to the plan to form a joint venture company with Fork Corporation. Even if they were to start a joint venture company with an equivalent contribution of 50:50, there is a danger that Chiyoda Motors will be swallowed up by Fork Corporation in no time. On the other hand, if Fork Corporation knows the financial condition of Chiyoda Motors is worse than projected, there is a high likelihood that they will withdraw from the talks.

However, Satoi interrupts Iki and declares that he should not be a wet blanket because his plan did not go through. Then, at that moment, Satoi suddenly clutches his chest in pain and collapses. Iki and Kakuta call for the ambulance and Satoi is sent to a hospital. He has had a heart attack.

Satoi is brought to one of the world’s leading hospitals in cardiac disease and thankfully, his condition is not serious. However, Satoi is advised by the doctor in charge of the medical test to avoid overseas business trips and also resign from his post as deputy CEO because he fears that Satoi will have a heart attack. However, Satoi is not going to take it easy ahead of the visit of Fork Corporation’s inquiry commission to Japan, and attempts to strong-arm the doctor into discharging him. Then, Iki tells Satoi that he will negotiate with Fork Corporation to postpone their visit to Japan.

Iki and his men cover up Satoi’s collapse because of the heart attack by saying that he has a cold and fever. However, Tawara seems to sense something when Satoi does not return to Japan from America.

In the midst of this, Iki asks Hanawa to entertain Chisato, who is staying in Los Angeles. Hanawa takes Chisato to the seaside at Santa Monica, and brings her for lunch. At lunch, Hanawa talks about his memories of Iki’s wife, Yoshiko. He tells her that Kaibe has been encouraging Iki to remarry but no one can take the place of the late Yoshiko.

Satoi is told by Kakuta that Tawara had approached Daimon about Chiyoda Motors, and Ichimaru had asked if Satoi is really down with a cold. Hearing that, Satoi declares that he will return to Japan the next day. Worried about Satoi’s health, Iki tries to stop him. However, Satoi snaps that Iki just wants him to be labelled as a heart patient while pretending to be worried about him, and turns a deaf ear.

The following day, Iki and his men go to the airport to see Satoi off. Satoi rejects Iki’s offer to let Yatsuka, who plans to fly to Japan soon in order to welcome Fork’s inquiry commission, to accompany him and returns to Japan alone.

When Iki returns to the office, Hanawa arrives from Los Angeles. Hanawa is bothered that he had ended up talking about Yoshiko as he had sensed that Chisato is a special person to Iki. Asked by Hanawa if he has considered getting married to Chisato, Iki momentarily hesitates, then replies that he believes that he must take care of her future in one way or another.

That night, Iki calls Chisato. Chisato is in her hotel room preparing to return to Japan. Although she is now inextricably linked to Iki, she is burdened with anxiety. Iki says that he understands her feelings but “isn’t everything just beginning?”

On another day, Satoi, who has safely returned to Japan, visits Daimon. Daimon is concerned about Satoi’s health and advises him to take it easy. He says he has reflected on his reliance on Satoi and expresses his intention to make more use of Iki in future negotiations with Fork Corporation. Satoi suddenly gets indignant. He calls Iki a terrible man for making him into a person with a serious illness in order to advance his own career and Daimon is startled.

A week later, Iki visits Fork Corporation and is introduced to the five members of the inquiry commission that will be visiting Japan by Plant. What is important is a countermeasure against the mass media which are keeping a close eye on whether Chiyoda Motors will form a partnership with a foreign investor.

Yatsuka and Fuwa pick up the inquiry commission in Tokyo and cautiously escort them to the hotel. However, when Iki learns from Kaibe that four and not five people have arrived in Japan, he feels intense apprehension.

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