Hanchou ~ Jinnansho Azumihan Season 2


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Mondays, 8.00 – 8.54 p.m. from 11 January 2010


Team Azumi, which has successfully cracked down on people involved in stimulant drugs in a joint investigation with the Fifth Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Anti-Organised Crime Division, is given a meal at a fancy restaurant by Torikai, the head of the Fifth Unit. The fashion designer, Sawamura Kyosuke, is also having a meal with a top female model, Mizutani Rieko, at the same restaurant. However, the dead body of Sawamura’s master is discovered inside a parked car the next day. Among the man’s possessions is a day planner in which an appointment with Sawamura had been written. This coincides with the time the master was murdered. Azumi Tsuyoshi questions Sawamura but Torikai, who has arrested a different person as the murder suspect, declares that the Metropolitan Police will lead the investigation. However, Azumi is uneasy about the sequence of events and against Torikai’s wishes, he orders his subordinates to investigate …

Sasaki Kuranosuke as Azumi Tsuyoshi
Rank: Assistant Inspector. The section chief of the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section who leads five subordinates. He trusts his subordinates, tackles investigations with good teamwork and is a dependable leader who is willing to oppose his superiors and resist power for the sake of his subordinates. He enjoys the trust of his subordinates and is affectionately called “Team Leader”. He is a divorcee and lives alone but is poor at household matters. His vulnerable spot is his daughter, Ryoko, who works as a nurse at Jinnan Hospital. He is bothered that he cannot see her much because of work.

Nakamura Shunsuke as Murasame Akihiko
Azumi Tsuyoshi’s subordinate and second in command. He is too serious and a little stiff and formal but is exceptionally outstanding detective. He is married and has a daughter attending kindergarten. He thinks Azumi’s manner as a detective is “tepid” but respects him for always delivering results. He has no desire to move on to greater things and is confident that he works effectively as the second and not the top person.

Tsukaji Muga as Suda Saburo
He is kind-hearted and quick to sympathise with other people but is naturally lucky and has the keenest perception among the detectives in Azumi Tsuyoshi’s team. His round figure exudes a warm and snug sensation and the fact that he does not seem like a detective is a weapon. He possesses the ability to distinguish bad people from good people with his intuition but there is no special reason. A well-bred and ordinary man, he is vulnerable to women. He is from the same batch as Mizuno Maho.

Kurotani Tomoka as Mizuno Maho
The only female in Azumi’s team. She is strong willed and there are also moments when she flares up and loses her cool when she is on a case. She has an unusually strong sense of justice and energetically tackles investigations with Azumi. She is from the same batch as Suda Saburo. She tries not to be noticeable as a woman in the Criminal Affairs Division and at the scene but when dealing with female suspects, she is at times harsh and at times kind, becoming a reasonable detective of the same gender.

Kashu Toshiki as Kuroki Kazuya
A hot-blooded but refreshing, sportsman type. He is methodical and gracious. He respects his seniors and also takes good care of his juniors. The unreasonableness of the hierarchical society sickens him but he shrugs it off without resistance. Partnered with Suda Saburo, he respects Suda for possessing the aspects that he simply does not have.

Yamaguchi Shogo as Sakurai Taiichiro
The youngest member on Azumi’s team. An amiable lad who listens carefully to his superiors and seniors, and faithfully follows instructions. He is aware of his own inexperience as a detective and knows his place. He likes and respects all his seniors in the team. He is good at finding a person’s good points. Because of his inadequate experience, he is still bad with dead bodies.

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