Gaiji Keisatsu


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Saturdays, 9.00 – 9.55 p.m. from 14 November 2009


Detective Matsuzawa Hina of Toyoshima Minami Precinct, is suddenly ordered to undergo hands-on training at the Fourth Foreign Affairs Section. Called spy hunters, the Fourth Foreign Affairs Section is a special unit charged with the duty of catching international terrorists and spies, and preventing acts of terrorism. However, Hina does not understand why she has been assigned to the section. Assistant Inspector Sumimoto Kenji is in charge of her training. If fellow police officers get in his way, the aggressive Sumimoto calls them “flies” and drives them away. Hina has doubts about his investigation methods which are on the verge of illegal. Before long, Sumimoto sniffs out the secret maneuverings of a terrorist attack behind-the-scenes of a minor car accident caused by a diplomat …

* Watabe Atsuro as Sumimoto Kenji
* Ishida Yuriko as Shimomura Aiko
* Ono Machiko as Matsuzawa Hina
* Kataoka Reiko as Igarashi Ayane
* Kitami Toshiyuki as Kanazawa Ryoga
* Takito Kenichi as Hisano Hotsuma
* Shibukawa Kiyohiko as Morinaga Takuya
* Yamamoto Hiroshi as Otomo Haruhito
* Hira Takehiro as Kubota Gaku
* Endo Kenichi as Kurata Toshiki
* Yo Kimiko as Muramatsu Kumi
* Ishibashi Ryo as Ariga Shotaro

Click here for photos from press conference.

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3 Responses to Gaiji Keisatsu

  1. shu says:

    I wish someone would sub this so badly!

  2. A.N.JELL says:

    Very cool show~ though i don’t understand much of what they say D:

    Thank you for the detailed information though~♥

  3. leesja says:

    MisterX @ withs2 is subbing it – so far 3 episodes released –

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