Jin Season 1 – Characters


Osawa Takao as Minakata Jin
A brain surgeon who works at a university hospital. He has a sad past in which the surgery he performed on his girlfriend and fellow doctor, Tomonaga Miki, failed and she slipped into a vegetative state. Then one day, he suddenly goes back in time to Edo in the era of the Tokugawa shogunate, and finds himself at the centre of history.

Nakatani Miki as Tomonaga Miki / Nokaze
Tomonaga Miki: Jin’s girlfriend and an excellent pediatric surgeon who worked in the same hospital. She had a brain tumour and asked Jin to perform a surgery on her but it failed and she is now in a vegetative state.
Nokaze: A Yoshiwara courtesan of the highest rank (known as yobidashi) from the establishment, Suzuya. She looks exactly like Miki. The top courtesan, she is tough and outspoken. Her accomplishments in music, dance as well as calligraphy is not inferior to that of the princesses of feudal lords. She also possesses an ethereal beauty that is the envy of everyone. Before long, she meets Jin.

Ayase Haruka as Tachibana Saki
The oldest daughter of the Tachibana family. Because she is full of curiosity, she takes an interest in the medical techniques of Jin, who has saved her older brother, and comes to help him in his work as a nurse. Before she realises it, her feelings of respect for Jin turns to love …

Koide Keisuke as Tachibana Kyotaro
Saki’s older brother. Their father died in a cholera epidemic and he becomes the head of the Tachibana family. He rescues Jin, who looks like he might be killed, but is hurt in the process. He is the first person Jin operates on and saves in the Edo era. He regards Katsu Kaishu as his mentor.

Aso Yumi as Tachibana Ei
The mother of Saki and Kyotaro. She is a widow. Her husband died in a cholera outbreak. There are no words to express how grateful she is to Jin for saving Kyotaro’s life but she also distrusts him because he speaks ambiguously about his memories.

Kohinata Fumiyo as Katsu Kaishu
Sakamoto Ryoma’s mentor and a man respected by many people. A pioneer of modern Japan who works to open Japan’s doors to the rest of the world. He takes an interest in Jin’s medical techniques when he hears rumours from Kyotaro.

Uchino Masaaki as Sakamoto Ryoma
A Tosa-born revolutionist in the era of the Tokugawa shogunate who pushed for the Meiji Restoration. He regards Katsu Kaishu as his mentor. A captivating personality who loves women. He identifies with Jin, who is unselfish and impartial, and devoted to medicine. That way of life greatly affects him. As their exchanges deepen, they become indispensable in each other’s lives.

Takeda Tetsuya as Ogata Koan
The top doctor in western medicine and the head of the Western Medicine Institute. He is impressed by Jin’s medical techniques and invites him to be a lecturer at the institute. He has a gentle nature and possesses the humility and flexibility to learn from Jin, who is much younger than him.

Musaka Naomasa as Suzuya Hikosaburo
The owner of Suzuya. He became friendly with Ryoma when the latter saved him just as he was about to be attacked by wandering samurais belonging to the anti-foreigner faction. He is a father figure to Nokaze.

Kiritani Kenta as Saburi Yusuke
A young and exceptional doctor who hails from Kansai. He unexpectedly witnesses Jin’s surgery and is shocked by his revolutionary treatment methods. He shares Jin’s high aspirations and works to save the people of Edo together with him.

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