Tokyo Dogs ~ Saiaku de Saikou no Partner

Tokyo Dogs

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Mondays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 19 October 2009

Fuji TV

An international drug syndicate, which is active in Japan and America, is about to conduct a transaction at a car park in New York. The New York City Police led by Takakura Sou are lined up and waiting to wind up the mafia in one fell swoop. Detective Kudo Maruo of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Investigation Division, and his junior, Horikawa Keiichi, come from Japan to participate in the operation. The detectives surround the syndicate as the transaction is about to begin but the second a car explodes, the mafia flee. Sou doggedly tries to capture the Japanese boss. However, the boss escapes. Matsunaga Yuki, a Japanese lady who has lost her memory, is left behind at the scene. Sou escorts Yuki to Japan. Wishing to learn about Yuki’s hidden memories, Sou makes Maruo help. The two of them guard her in the room of an apartment building. Sou takes notice of a suspicious-looking car that is keeping watch on the building. He pursues the car with Maruo and arrives at a vacant house and detain two suspects over there. However, Sou has doubts because the matter is too simple …

Oguri Shun as Takakura Sou
Police Sergeant, New York City Police Department. An elite detective with a background in military-trained combat, who is pursuing Jinno, the boss of an international drug syndicate. He is taken off the case as the officer in charge because Jinno gets away but after he escorts Matsunaga Yuki, who holds the key to the case, to Tokyo, he remains in Tokyo and continues his investigation. He is serious, has a strong sense of justice, and is usually calm, cool and stoic. He has a good knowledge of military-trained combat but also has an inflexible, stubborn side. When he enters crime scenes, he goes on an offensive which makes him seem a reckless renegade to the Japanese police but all the actions are based on his personal experience. He is blunt and unsociable and bad at expressing himself. However, deep down he is a kind, gentlemanly guy who loves his mother and younger sister very much. He is proud and his assertive remarks often meet with strong opposition from the people around him, especially Kudo and Yuri. He has a direct, sincere manner of speaking but is at times prone to making silly mistakes. Because he has been away from Japan, he feels a little old fashioned and does not know much about colloquial language and other things. Cooking is his forte.

Mizushima Hiro as Kudo Maruo
A detective with the Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Investigation Division. A former delinquent and leader of a motorcycle gang. However, he retires and undergoes rehabilitation because of his growing desire to be useful in society. He studies hard and becomes a police officer at the age of 20. He beats up the bad and works hard each day to stand by weak citizens but … his efforts are also often fruitless perhaps as a result of his hot-blooded nature. An expert in all martial arts such as karate, judo, and taekwondo. He sometimes knocks criminals about too much and complaints about him come in. He gets excited over everything and is warmhearted, cheerful and positive. Because of this big brother personality, there are many juniors from the local police precincts who adore and respect him. His interest is in dating parties. He is a flirtatious ladies man who has yet to meet his ideal female.

Yoshitaka Yuriko as Matsunaga Yuki
A mysterious female who was standing in a daze at the crime scene of a drug syndicae that Sou and Maruo were pursuing in New York. Because she had got out of a car that seems to belong to Sou’s arch enemy, Jinno, she is thought to hold the key to the case that Sou is pursuing. However, she has completely lost her memory because of extreme shock … Her name and age are established from her passport but nothing else is known besides that.

Tomosaka Rie as Nishioka Yuri
A doctor at Kanto University Hospital. Her specialty is in psychosomatic medicine and she conducts psychological counseling. She is strong-willed and hates to lose. She has full confidence in her consultatioins and always disagrees with Sou. As she counsels Yuki, she begins to empathise with her.

Mikami Kensei as Kaizaka Hiroto
A mysterious man connected to the case that Sou and Maruo are pursuing. When he gets hold of information that Yuki is in Japan, he marks her and poses as a nice young man to get acquainted with her.

Kawaguchi Haruna as Takakura Karin
Sou’s younger sister. A high school student. Their father died while she was still in the womb. She loves her brother who has been a father figure to her since she was young. She is head over heels in love with her boyfriend, Nakatani Shota, and often invites him over to her home.

Tanaka Yoshiko as Takakura Kyoko
Her husband, a detective, died 17 years ago. After that, she raised Sou and Karin by herself. A kind, gentle and sincere person. However, she has an inner strength and was prepared that her son would be a detective. She does things at her own pace and because she calls Sou without hesitation, she seems quite a bother. But, she is, in fact, truly worried about Sou, and tries not to show it too much. She is from a well-off family and her present home used to be the home of her parents. She and her daughter, Karin, get along with each other like sisters.

Miura Tomokazu as Otomo Kouzo
Police Superintendent. Head of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Investigation Division. A contemporary of Takakura’s father. They were colleagues who had been through hardships together in the same job. He cares about Sou and Karin, who lost their father when they were young, and warmly watches over them. He is still very friendly with the Takakura family. His subordinates have strong faith in him and he is a broad-minded, masculine boss but at times also displays a playful side.


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