Inpei Shirei – Press Conference


This autumn, private Japanese satellite television broadcaster, WOWOW, takes viewers into the dark side of mega banks with the drama series Inpei Shirei. The drama is based on a novel by former bank employee, Egami Go, who modelled it after Takasugi Ryo’s novel Kinyu Fushoku Retto ~ Jubaku, which was adapted into a movie in 1999.


Takahashi Katsunori, stars as the protagonist, Amano Yoshihiko. Amano works at Mizunami Bank, but has had his career sidetracked ever since he revealed a scandal within the bank to the mass media because of his sense of justice. However, merger talks with another bank take place and Amano is selected to be the secretary to the president. Ordered to handle the bad debt problems involving a Ginza bar of the former president, he gradually finds himself facing a dilemma. This is a suspense drama that highlights the other side of the banking world – the realities of the bargaining that accompanies bank mergers, the bad debts and reluctance to lend – and political world, as well as portrays the lives and sorrows of the surrounding people.


At the press conference, 1 billion yen in “banknotes”, which is used as bribes in the drama, appeared on stage. Takashashi jokes, “I display it in my house but the staircase of Takashima (Masahiro)-san’s house is made of this because he comes from the entertainment circle’s royal family.”

Takahashi quips, “I’m concealing many things that I have to hide,” when asked if he has covered up anything in connection with the drama’s theme. Then he thrusts a question at Takashima. “Are you fooling around?” To which, Takashima resolutely replies, “I love my wife.” Takashima, who has bed scenes with Ichikawa Yui’s Ginza hostess character says, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a role where I’m not playing a father. Before the filming, my head was swelling with many thoughts on what I should do, but it changed after I saw the end of the script.”


Takahashi says, “I’ve played a particular salaryman all this while but this time I have a life-size role. This is a production that questions a person’s purpose for working.”

The five-part drama will be broadcast every Sunday at 10.00 p.m. from 18 October. Episode 1 has a duration of 70 minutes while subsequent episodes have a duration of 58 minutes.

Summer was a bad season for drama watching with largely boring, forgettable or ludicrous dramas but autumn brings along with it many acting heavyweights, a good number of sequels and a few dramas with interesting storylines that I’m eagerly looking forward to.

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