Gyouretsu 48-jikan

Gyoretsu 48

Official Website

Fridays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 16 October 2009


Hofuku Yoshiro, a middle-aged man who is about to retire early, wishes that his life will change a little. He has turned down a transfer to a subsidiary company, and the comfort of his family – his wife, Satoko, and daughter, Emi – is also not effective. One day, as the end of 2009 draws near, Yoshiro’s wife and daughter tell him that they want a department store lucky bag. Feeling that his “life may change a little”, Yoshiro decides to queue for the bag but that queue is the place where a 200 million yen ransom for a kidnapping is being delivered …

Kunimura Jun as Hofuku Yoshiro
An ordinary salaryman who has led an ordinary life. One day in this ordinary life, he turns down reemployment in a subsidiary company. He does not tell his family about this and his guilty conscience prompts him to stand in line for a department store’s lucky bags that are sold on the first day of the new year but …

Morishita Aiko as Hofuku Satoko
Yoshiro’s wife. She is not dissatisfied with the normal routines of her happy family but she likes her friend, Kokune Takashi, who makes her feel extraordinarily exuberant. On New Year’s eve when Yoshiro goes to queue for the lucky bag, she spends the day with Kokune and friends without telling her family …

Iwata Sayuri as Hofuku Emi
Yoshiro’s daughter. After graduating from university, she works at her own pace as a temporary employee. Her boyfriend is a younger, university student who has been promised employment at a trading company but …

Tetsuya as Someya Akio
He witnessed Saiki Komako’s hit-and-run accident. Together with Kuwasaki and the others, they scheme to extort money from Komako to get rich quick but …

Sano Shiro as Sasajima
A man who is ninth in the queue. He randomly makes passes at the people standing in line but …

Watanabe Ikkei as Ogawara
A shrewd detective from the Metropolitan Police Department who is in charge of the investigation into the kidnapping, He suspects Yoshiro is the criminal but …

Taira Airi as Sayaka
A woman who is seventh in the queue. Why is she secretly carrying a knife in her bag?

Hasegawa Hatsunori as Kokune Takashi
Satoko’s good friend. He is Saiki Komako’s ex-boyfriend. He now likes Satoko. On the night of New Year’s eve, he attends a home party. That night, he receives one weird call after another on his mobile phone …

Katase Rino as Saiki Komako
A jeweller who makes an annual turnover of 1.2 billion yen. In order to force her ex-boyfriend, Kokune Takashi, to die with her, she carries red plastic containers and runs about on the night of New Year’s eve, and has a hit-and-run accident …

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