Aibou Season 8


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Wednesdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 14 October 2009

TV Asahi

Inspector Sugishita Ukyo, head of the Special Missions Unit, returns from London and goes home in the sports car of Assistant Inspector Kanbe Takeru, who has come to meet him at Narita Airport even though Ukyo did not ask him to. However, on the way home, Ukyo notices police officers from the Metropolitan Police Department conducting a crackdown outside the agency’s jurisdiction in Chiba Prefecture and gets suspicious. The police officers that Ukyo had seen were riding motorcycles. He lies in wait in a street with a dead end but the motorcycle police have vanished into thin air. Ukyo is mystified and begins a thorough investigation. The Head of the National Police Agency’s Secretariat, Onoda Koken, appears before Ukyo, who has a bad feeling about what is going on. He tells Ukyo that Honda Atsuto, a revolutionist and senior leader of the leftist radicals “Red Canary”, has secretly returned to Japan …

Mizutani Yutaka as Sugishita Ukyo
He went to Britain after he graduated from Tokyo University. Upon his return to Japan, he joined the Metropolitan Police Department. As a detective with the Second Investigative Division of the Criminal Affairs Department, he solved one difficult case after another but his sense of justice at tracking down the criminals of the cases that the top brass didn’t wish to be made public invited disaster. He was assigned to the loathed Special Missions Unit. The division is called the “graveyard of talented people” but he is doing well in his brilliant deductive work and has solved successive difficult cases.

Oikawa Mitsuhiro as Kanbe Takeru
Assistant Division Chief (Inspector), Planning Division – Security Bureau, Metropolitan Police Department. He has been steadily rising through the ranks of a quasi-career officer but is suddenly ordered by the top brass to investigate Sugishita Ukyo of the Special Missions Unit. He is demoted two ranks and assigned to the Special Missions Unit as an Assistant Police Inspector. He doesn’t go against his superiors but voices his opinions frankly and also does not hide his elitism. He drives around in a sports car and is a reckless driver.

Takagi Saya as Miyabe Tamaki
Ukyo’s ex-wife and the female proprietress of “Hana no Sato” a small restaurant. She is one of the few people who understands Ukyo well and still remains concerned about him even after their divorce. Although she has completely no involvement in the cases, her words sometimes relieve him and also become hints to solve them.

Kishibe Ittoku as Onoda Koken
Head of the National Police Agency’s Secretariat. He is a very big shot in the agency and when he was transferred to the Tokyo Metropolitan Department, Ukyo served as his staff. Because he is unconventional, he brings cases that can’t be openly investigated to the Special Missions Unit. To put it nicely, he relies on the unit. To put it poorly, he is just making use of them. There are times when he is Ukyo’s ally and other times when he is his enemy.

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