Inpei Shirei

Inpei Shirei

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Saturdays, 10.00 – 11.00 p.m. from 18 October 2009


Amano Yoshihiko, a high-calibre employee at Mizunami Bank, a major bank, has been sidelined for once revealing misconduct within the bank to the mass media because of his honest personality and strong sense of justice. However, when Amano’s trusted superior, Kusunose Naoki takes over as the president following the bank’s large-scale merger with Fuso Bank, Amano is selected to be his secretary. Kusunose orders Amano to handle the bad debt of a Ginza club linked to the previous president’s mistress, Kikukawa Sayuri, behind closed doors. On a visit to the club, he is reunited with his close friend from his university days, Chimura Hideo, who is now the secretary of Haneda Shuzo, the popular Diet member. The two of them had actually once fought over Amano’s wife, Kayo. Before long, each person starts to probe the other’s intentions and from that moment on, Amano’s life begins to get off track …

* Takahashi Katsunori as Amano Yoshihiko
* Takashima Masahiro as Chimura Hideo
* Aso Yumi as Amano Kayo
* Ichikawa Yui as Ubeki Sachiko
* Aoyama Noriko as Kikukawa Sayuri
* Otsuru Gitan as Yamaki Toshio
* Nonami Maho as Kimura Kozue
* Takachi Noboru as Kikukawa Reijiro
* Azuma Chizuru as Haneda Yumiko
* Yajima Kenichi as Shiina Takashi
* Haba Yuichi as Hayashida Ikuo
* Owada Shinya as Kameda Hikaru
* Nishimura Masahiko as Haneda Shuzo
* Furuya Ikkou as Kusunose Naoki

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