NHK Drama Special 2009 ~ Kao

Time: From 9.00 p.m., 29 December 2009
Cast: Tanihara Shousuke, Harada Natsuki, Takahashi Kazuya, Daichi Yasuo, Nakamoto Ken, Shionoya Masayuki, Segawa Ryo, Miho Jun
Synopsis: It is 1956 in Tokyo. Ino Ryokichi (Tanihara Shousuke), a struggling actor with a theatre troupe, appears in a minor role in some movie. His unique looks catch the eye of the maestro, Director Ishii (Shionoya Masayuki), and he is cast opposite Wakayama Hitomi (Harada Natsuki), the troupe’s poster girl, in a big movie. Ryokichi is suddenly on the road to stardom. However, he has a reason to fear the attention the movie is attracting. Nine years ago, Ryokichi had been a peddler of black-market rice in Fukuoka. He had become emotionally involved with Yamada Miyako (Harada Natsuki), a bar hostess. But thinking that she would hinder his future, he murdered her when he learnt that she was carrying his child. Miyako’s acquaintance, Ishioka Saburo (Takahashi Kazuya), had coincidentally seen Ryokichi with Miyako when they were in the train bound for the scene of her murder. It has been nine years since he fled to Tokyo after killing Miyako. If Ishioka sees his face on screen, he would be reminded of the murder that Ryokichi has managed to keep a tight lid on. Ryokichi will not let this chance escape. So he starts planning a second murder in order to silence Ishioka …

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