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Real Clothes

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Amano Kinue, who has been transferred to work in the ladies wear department where the fashion elite are gathered, is flustered. Kinue also dislikes stylishness but has greater dislike for Jinbo Miki, the department supervisor who is the epitome of such stylishness, because of her outspoken comments, “Substance shows through a person’s outward appearance. Looks are everything.” This guides the charismatic buyer, Tabuchi Yusaku, in his work and under his strict supervision, Kinue begins to experience joy and pleasure in the selection of clothes that make her look beautiful. Meanwhile, Kinue starts to get absorbed in her work and has no time for her boyfriend, Yamauchi Tatsuya, whom she has been dating since university …

Karina as Amano Kinue
A department store employee who is tossed about by love, work and fashion. Earnest and strait-laced. She dislikes stylishness, cannot understand the feminine obsession with fashion and lives each day dressed in dowdy, conservative clothes. “It’s not how people look on the outside but what they are on the inside,” she would defiantly say but underneath that is a complex. She plunges into the world of fashion because of her encounter with Jinbo Miki.

Takaoka Sousuke as Yamauchi Tatsuya
Amano Kinue’s boyfriend. A car salesman. He always has kind words for Kinue, “You’re alright as you are.” He encourages her when she is transferred to the ladies wear department but they gradually grow apart.

Koizumi Kotaro as Hachiya Hideaki
A buyer for the select shop, “Goldie”. A confident and ambitious Tokyo University graduate. He dresses very well and always wears a smile. Although he has wide connections, he is a loner and does not mind being on the verge of flouting rules for the sake of work.

Nishijima Hidetoshi as Tabuchi Yusaku
Echizhenya Department Store’s number one buyer. He has no qualms even about kneeling down on the ground for the sake of work. The female staff call him “freak” and “old man” behind his back but he does not care at all. He has many enemies inside and outside the company. However, his work ethic that “more than half of the time in his life would be happy if work is interesting” influences Kinue.

Kuroki Hitomi as Jinbo Miki
The supervisor of the ladies wear department who has been charged with the revival of Echizhenya Department Store. She has an eye for qualified subordinates and is able to perceive the items that customers seek in a split second. She also has both negotiating power and strong personal connections. Kinue only sees a perfect Supervisor Jinbo, but she is a professional who is able to go beyond the “customer” to the “individual” in serving customers. She has a deep love for western clothes.



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