Soratobu Taiya – Episode 4 Synopsis


Sawada enthusiastically moves back to the Product Development Division, his dream department, after five years. However, he soon feels a dilemma about not being able to be involved in product development as he had hoped. On the other hand, Kyoko is assigned to the Sales Division at Hope Motors’ Osaka branch in another move orchestrated by Kano. Although Kyoko has accepted the transfer because of her mother’s hospitalisation, she tells Kiwako that she has not given up on her mission to eradicate wrongdoing in the company.

Kiwako’s article is not published in Shukan Chouryu. Akamatsu and his associates, who had been looking forward to her scoop, are greatly disheartened. He demands to know the reason but Kiwako’s reply is vague. Kano had actually suppressed the article behind the scenes by using Hope Group’s advertising budget to pressure the publisher.

With no end in sight, the case takes a toll not just on Akamatsu Transportation but on Akamatsu’s family too. Akamatsu’s son, Tokuro, suffers a hard time at school as his classmates, influenced by their parents, make disparaging remarks and frame him for theft. However, Tokuro doesn’t cower but fights back against the accusations.

Motivated by his son, Akamatsu approaches Kiwako for access to the sources she had spoken to and the materials she had compiled to write the article. She is initially reluctant but eventually gives in to his zeal and hands him a list of other Hope Motors’ accidents that she had investigated. All thirty two companies on that list had accepted Hope Motors verdict of poor maintenance. Only Akamatsu Transportation has challenged the assessment and decided to take on Hope Motors.

After encountering numerous obstacles while checking the companies on the list one by one, Akamatsu finally reaches Aizawa Hirohisa, the General Affairs Manager of Orient Logistics who had investigated Hope Motors accidents just as he has. It seems that a propeller shaft had fallen off from one of their trailers and Hope Motors’ verdict was poor maintenance. But Aizawa declines to provide Akamatsu with the information for fear that he would lose his job …

Meanwhile, pressure mounts on Izaki to approve the loan as Kano and Makita grow impatient. His future at the bank will be secured if he follows their wishes. However, he is disturbed when he hears from Kiwako, who has quit writing for Shukan Chouryu to become a freelance reporter, how Hope Bank is withdrawing its loan to Akamatsu Transportation, the innocent party, but willing to extend a loan to Hope Motors.

Izaki’s eventual assessment incurs the displeasure of both men. Having anticipated that Izaki’s recommendation would not be in his favour, Kano has sought other means to finance the loan. A frustrated Izaki takes his emotions out on Kaori. Their relationship had grown increasingly strained over the financing of Hope Motors and now his desire to put distance between Kano and himself, hurts her. Kaori walks out on him.

Just as Akamatsu is reaching the end of his rope, he receives a package from Aizawa containing documents compiled in the course of his investigation. This includes the report issued by Hope Motors on the cause of the incident. Akamatsu’s employee finds crucial evidence in these documents that is in Akamatsu Transportation’s favour.

Akamatsu confronts Hope Motors, demanding compensation in addition to an apology and the return of the hub. The causes of all the trailer accidents could be attributed to two reasons: hub and clutch housing issues. This means that poor maintenance was not the cause of the problems … Muroi is smug in the face of Akamatsu’s assertions but his composure falters when he is presented with Orient Logistic’s case. That trailer was only a month old and had clocked a mileage of 220 km!

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  1. Vi says:

    Can you please tell me where I can find episodes 4 and 5 with the english subs of Soratobu Taiya? I would love to watch them but I can only find them with Chinese subs. I would greatly appleciate any direction you can give me. Thanks!

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