Soratobu Taiya – Episode 3 Synopsis


Hope Bank, the financing bank, withdraws its loan credit because of the police investigation into Akamatsu Transportation. Akamatsu rushes around trying to raise funds. Then he receives a civil suit from Yuki Masashi, the husband of the victim, Yuki Saeko. To compound matters, more employees resign and Akamatsu finds himself in desperate straits.

At Hope Motors, the activities of Sawada and Sugimoto come to Kano’s attention. Sawada intends to disclose the existence of the “T-meeting” and Kano’s involvement in the vehicle recall coverup to the company chairman. But before he can take action, Human Resources approaches him with an offer to transfer him to the Product Development Division. It is a move daringly orchestrated by Kano in an attempt to contain Sawada. The desire to design cars was the reason why Sawada first joined Hope Motors. He is seduced by the offer to rejoin the Product Development Division even though he realises the true motive behind it, and decides to give up his earlier intention to expose Kano.

At the advice of an attorney, Akamatsu seeks the return of the hub through a content-certified mail, failing which he will bring Hope Motors to court. With his dream in reach, Sawada prepares a plan to close the case with Akamatsu. Explaining that it will take a significant amount of time to secure the return of the hub, he offers Akamatsu a “guarantee deposit” of 1 million yen in the meantime. However, if internal negotiations fail and Hope Motors is unable to return the hub, he hopes Akamatsu will accept that “guarantee deposit” in place of the hub. Akamatsu knows what Sawada means but cannot bring himself to reject Sawada immediately as he struggles between doing what is morally right and what is right for Akamatsu Transportation. When he next meets Sawada, Akamatsu turns the “guarantee deposit” down and demands that Hope Motors returns the hub by the deadline or he will file a suit. Sawada cannot believe that Akamatsu would refuse such a sweet deal.

Meanwhile, Kiwako is making steady headway in gathering materials for her article. She even conducts a formal interview with Hope Bank, asking if they are aware of Hope Motors vehicle recall coverup and if they will continue to support the company in the light of this. The bank’s managing director, Makita, calls Kano to warn him. If this scoop gets out, the situation will change significantly. With that belief, Akamatsu, his family and his associates look forward to the publication of the article. But on the day the article is to be featured in the magazine, Shukan Chouryu.

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