Kyuumei Byoto 24-ji Season 4 – Characters

Kyumei 4 chart

Shindo Issei (42) … Eguchi Yosuke
A talented surgeon who possesses one of the best surgical skills. His ability as an emergency and critical care doctor is also first rate. Because of the swiftness of his diagnoses and accuracy of his treatments, he earned himself the nickname, “God Hand”. He doesn’t run away from bitter reality and difficulties, and possesses the tenacity as well as grit to take the lead in facing them. He is usually calm and collected. However, contrary to his cool apperance and behaviour, he is a warm and sincere man who practices medicine from the a patient’s point of view. He lost his beloved wife Saki and has remained single ever since. In summer 2009, he returned to Japan after the end of an international humanitarian mission in Africa and became an emergency doctor at Kainan Medical Hospital’s emergency and critical care centre in Yokohama.

Kojima Kaede (34) … Matsushima Nanako
She has unusually strong compassion for patients. A competent emergency doctor who is proactive and does everything she can in attending to the patients. Originally fresh and cheerful in character, she always smiles at patients no matter how tired she may be. During her school days, her ambition was to be a pediatrician but she was supervised by Shindo during her time as a houseman, and decided to be an emergency doctor. Her fiancee, Kaga Hiroki, died in an earthquake and she was once on the brink of heartbreak but she pulled through and works hard as an emergency and critical care doctor. However, in the midst of this, an incident occurs and she is sued for medical malpractice …

Yamashiro Saeko (35) … Kimura Tae
An expert who is a qualified emergency nurse and always performs her duties to perfection. She is now a divorcee after separating from Dr Jojima Shun, and a mother of a daughter. She has been working at Kainan Medical Hospital’s department of radiology but when she meets Shindo, whom she had worked with in Kohoku Medical Hospital, again, she transfers to the emergency care centre. Hiding the fact that she is a single mother, she starts working there but gradually finds it impossible and begins to feel troubled.

Kamoi Chinatsu (22) … Kitano Kii
A new nurse who has been working at the leading emergency care centre since this spring. Although she is cheerful, positive and cares for patients, her eagerness proves completely futile and she is rather unreliable. She is sharp with Kudo Ryosuke, the ever cold houseman, and admires nurse Yamashiro.

Sawai Etsushi (40) … Santamaria Yusuke
One of the top medical staff at Kainan Medical Hospital and a highly skilled heart surgeon. He temporarily withdrew from the scene of emergency care as a result of an incident that happened severals years ago. After that, he went on to work in ER in the Untied States but became the head of an emergency and critical care centre as an emergency doctor. Single. Born to a family of doctors. Because his father and grandfather both attended Tokyo University’s faculty of medicine, he feels inferior for being the only one to have failed to qualify for Tokyo University. He is rationally pragmatic and takes no chances. He always prepares himself for the worst and will thoroughly explain the medical condition to patients and their families. He clashes with Shindo because of the differences in his way of thinking but the two of them are alike in their stoic demeanour and desire to ensure that people’s lives are saved.

Kudo Ryosuke (26) … Ishida Takuya
A houseman. As luck would have it, he arrives at the centre which has been cleared out of emergency doctors. Although he thinks the training at the emergency care centre will be an excellent place for him to hone his skills, he is one of those young folks nowadays who is coolly pragmatic about the futility of prolonging his stay there. However, he is influenced by Shindo and the others and aspires to be an emergency doctor. He and Chinatsu, who is also a newcomer, repel each other.

Tanbara Hiroshi (30) … Tamiyasu Cho
An ophthalmologist who is at the emergency medical care centre on a temporary basis. There are no irregular hours and ophthalmologists are seldom called away on emergencies, which is why he chose ophthalmology. However, he is good as an eye specialist doctor. Coming in touch with the basis of medical treatment at the sites of emergencies, he gradually discovers the challenges of the emergency and critical care centre.

Noguchi Akimitsu (41) … Yashiba Toshihiro
An ENT doctor who is at the emergency medical care centre on a temporary basis. Because it is the orders of the hospital’s director, he has no choice but to help. He may be a doctor too but emergency medical care is completely outside his specialty and he stumbles over rudimentary things but gradually grows as an emergency doctor through his perseverance.

Moriya Takafumi (60) … Ono Takehiko
The head of the emergency and critical care centre. He used to be a doctor filled with a sense of justice but he loses this over time. As a middle-management executive, he is caught between a rock and a hard place, and turns into someone completely fearful of rocking the boat.

Uraga Masayoshi (65) … Yamada Meikyo
The director of Kainan Medical Hospital. Unable to tolerate the rigorous work, doctors from the emergency and critical care centre resign en masse. He orders Moriya to secure new emergency doctors in order to save the situation.

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