Soratobu Taiya – Episode 2 Synopsis


The president of Kodama Transportation, Kodama Seiji, shows Akamatsu the scene of the Takasaki accident. Hope Motors had also identified the hub of one of the trailer wheels to be the problem. In Kodama’s opinion, the Dreamer trailers may have defects. Akamatsu’s suspicions are the same.

In order to begin his own investigation into the accident, Akamatsu seeks the return of the trailer wheel’s hub but Hope Motors’ Sawada repeatedly turns down his request. Sawada feels that Akamatsu has the right to demand the return of the hub since it belongs to him, but his hands are tied because Muroi Hideo, the Manager of Quality Assurance, refuses to allow it. Sawada instead brings a new hub to Akamatsu Transportation and offers to change the hubs on the company’s trailers for free. Akamatsu is furious and promises that he won’t let the matter rest.

Kiwako looks Izaki up and tells him that someone within Hope Motors has blown the whistle on the company’s vehicle recall cover up. She declines to reveal anything further but lets him know that she will be writing an exposé on it.

At the same moment, Izaki and his managing director, Makita Saburo, are called by Hope Motor’s Kano and pressed to make a decision on a 20 billion yen loan. Kano is displeased by the delay in the loan’s approval and likens it to a betrayal. Kano is the uncle of Izaki’s fiancee, Sasaki Kaori, and because Izaki is under pressure over the loan both in his public and private life, he is pressed to make a tough call.

Sawada gets his hands on the Quality Assurance Department’s accident investigation reports for the past three years and is convinced of his company’s recall cover up. Akamatsu Transportation is a victim in this matter but if Sawada exposes the truth, Hope Motors will collapse from the ensuing scandal and he will lose his job. Which side should he stand? His wife, Eriko, advises him to do the right thing and he starts searching for proof together with his colleague, Komaki Shigemichi. However, their actions are discovered and they are summoned by Sugimoto Kyoko from the Quality Assurance Department. Half expecting their jobs to be in jeopardy, Sawada and Komaki are surprised by Kyoko’s disclosure that she has blown the whistle on the company to the reporter of a weekly magazine …!

Meanwhile, Kano, who has learnt of Kiwako’s intention to write an expose on Hope Motors’ vehicle recall cover up from Izaki, suspects that someone from the Quality Assurance Department is behind the leak and orders Muroi to find the person responsible …

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4 Responses to Soratobu Taiya – Episode 2 Synopsis

  1. ct says:

    just wondering where did you watch this? Is there an eng sub to it? It looks interesting and I am sooooo looking forward to the non-idol drama with interesting storyline. Thanks.

    • jadefrost says:

      It’s one of those dramas in my stash that I’ve finally got down to watching. There are no English subs at the moment and I don’t think any group has picked up this drama since this is a cable TV production and not the usual productions by networks like Fuji TV.

      Soratobu Taiya is something in the vein of Pandora which was also made by WOWOW. One of those stories that explores human behaviour and emotions to an event. It’s a good quality production with fine performances from the cast. It’s only five episodes long, so if you have a chance, you must watch it. I’d say that this is one of the best of spring 2009.

      • ct says:

        Thank you for the recommendations. I admit, Nakamura Toru is an attraction for me (wait, is this his first lead in Drama? Japan, are you nuts??!!). I really enjoy watching him in films and he’s the best amongst the cast in Team Batista. It sounds like this Akamatsu character is something he can do really well. Good good.

        I only watched the first episode of Pandora (thank you BOND!), I will pick it up once I have the time. I admit I like what I’ve seen so far, it’s something that made you think and I have not find any weak performance from the cast (yet). Hopefully the quality remained consistent until the end.

  2. jadefrost says:

    Nope, Nakamura Toru has been the lead in several dramas before this such as Tsugumi e, Kurokawa no Techou, Hyoten. The cast in both Pandora and Soratobu Taiya are veterans and some even seem like regulars in WOWOW productions. Pandora certainly won’t disappoint (on most fronts at least). It has a well-crafted storyline and characters to go with it.

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