Tonari no Shibafu


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Wednesdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 1 July 2009


Her husband, Kaname, brings his subordinates back home without informing her and Tomoko busies herself with hasty preparations to somehow save her husband’s face. As Tomoko pauses to catch her breath, Kaname tells her that his mother, Shino, will be coming to stay. Told that Shino will be here for about a week, Tomoko does her best to take care of her mother-in-law but feels some barbs in her words. Tomoko is also overwhelmed by Shino’s compliments but gradually grows uneasy about her behaviour. Several days later, a big baggage is delivered from Osaka and Tomoko is startled …

Seto Asaka as Takahira Tomoko
After she graduated from college, she married Kaname, the second son of the Takahira family. After struggling for ten years in company-owned housing to cut down expenses while raising their children, she finally has the home of her dreams. However, the family finances are in dire straits because her mother-in-law has unexpectedly come to live together with them. Far from the happiness of setting up a new home, Tomoko grows more lonesome every day and her agony only increases because of her uncooperative husband and the daily arguments with her mother-in-law.

Izumi Pinko as Takahira Shino
Concealing the fact that she had quarreled with Shizuko, the wife of her eldest son, Shino goes to Kaname who has set up a new home. Taking it for granted, she sends over her personal belongings and settles down. When she perceives displeasure toward her, she becomes aggressive, “It’s because I’m a parasite, isn’t it?” But, she is actually looking hard for a place where she can be herself.

Okura Koji as Takahira Kaname
Tomoko’s husband. He works for a textile manufacturer and is fired up about work because he has just been promoted to be the chief of a section. He is most proud of the detached house that he has finally acquired and brings his subordinates home right away since it is cheaper than going for drinks. Even though Tomoko is struggling with the household expenses to make ends meet, he behaves as if it has nothing to do with him and just shouts that it is troublesome.

Kayashima Narumi as Akino Namie
Tomoko’s mother. The teacher of cooking classes. She has helped Tomoko with her financial woes on numerous occasions and also supports her in everything else. She warns Tomoko not to go against her mother-in-law, Shino, no matter what happens but …



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