Boss Season 1 – Episode 10 Synopsis

Episode 10: The suspect is the boss? The last case


Eriko and the other detectives from the Special Crimes Unit are suspended and made to assist the Community Safety Division. Katagiri, who is taking part in some campaign together with Hanagata, talks to Suzuki Shinji, a journalist from Tohwa Nippon Shimbun. The journalist asks whether the unit’s suspension is connected to the Metropolitan Police Department’s bribery and corruption problems.

At the same moment, Mami and Yamamura, who are in charge of investigating successive bomb attacks on garbage bins, are told after Reiko has analysed the evidence, that Eriko’s fingerprints are on the watch that had been used as a timer for the explosives. Under Katagiri’s instructions, Yamamura and Iwai investigate while Mami and Hanagata interrogate Eriko.

Meanwhile, Nodate has just finished a meeting on the security measures for an award ceremony that Oyama Genzo, the commissioner of the metropolitan police, will attend. Katagiri comes over and asks Nodate about the corruption problem but he shrugs it off.

At that moment, an explosion occurs in some university lecture theatre, resulting in casualties. Mami reports this to Eriko who is being interrogated. When she also discloses that benzoyl peroxide was an ingredient in the bomb, Eriko’s expression changes. The watch that was used as the timer had actually been a present from Eriko to Hiroshi. However, Eriko reveals that Hiroshi’s younger brother, Kengo, is probably involved in this incident.

Five years ago, Ikegami Kengo was arrested as a suspect in a terrorist bombing that seriously injured the Minister of Justice. The terror group Black Moon, an anti-goverment organisation, was alleged to be behind the attack but Kengo denied it. In fact, Kengo, who had been a postgraduate student majoring in science back then, said he had only lent the benzoyl peroxide at a friend’s request, thinking that hiis friend had meant to use it for an experiment. He also denied any involvement in the terrorist bombing. However, he was unable to prove it and was made to serve a five-year prison term.

Eriko tells Mami that they need to take Kengo into custody and question Hiroshi. She says she will do this herself and stands up.

The next day, Hiroshi arrives for questioning and Eriko broaches the subject of Kengo. Hiroshi discloses that he had been living with Kengo, who had recently been released from prison, but Kengo had disappeared two weeks ago, and the watch which Eriko had given to him had gone missing at the same time. However, Hiroshi looks Eriko straight in the eye and says his brother would never kill a person.

At that moment, people are gathering in the hall where the award ceremony is to be held. With the presence of the police officers providing security, Nodate checks every place as he walks about. He learns that a shutter is jammed and gives instructions to get a contractor to repair it immediately. Before long, Commissioner Oyama arrives at the hall.

At the same moment, Eriko and her team members are studying the successive bomb attacks. Benzoyl peroxide had been used in all the three incidents and amount used was increased each time. Mami notices this and it occurs to her that the three explosions may have been a rehearsal for a different bomb attack. Hanagata researches and learns that Commissioner Oyama had been the person who had been at the helm of the case which destroyed Black Moon five years ago. Furthermore, it is also learnt that the shape, size and even the number of exits at the hall where the ceremony is being held, is the same as the university lecture theatre where the explosion took place. Is Black Moon the culprit and is their objective to seek revenge on Commissioner Oyama? Eriko is convinced that there is a traitor within the police organisation because the criminals know information about the security measures.

Meanwhile, Katagiri is summoned by Onoda regarding the corruption problem. Onoda says Suzuki, the journalist, was his junior in university and he trusts him. He has conducted his own investigation and wishes to tell Katagiri about it, saying that the full details of the problem will be revealed. Onoda arranges to meet Katagiri at a cafe at 2.00 p.m. several days later, but he doesn’t appear even though it is past 3.00 p.m. Suzuki comes in place of him. He says the corruption problem had become an issue in metropolitan police after Oyama became the commissioner. As a result, the unit where illicit funds were pooled was being watched and the corrupt member(s) of the top brass established a new unit to pool other money. He says that the unit is the Special Crimes Unit. The person who had set it up was Nodate …

Eriko calls Nodate and instructs him to take Commissioner Oyama and escape. At that same moment, there is the sound of an explosion and smoke. As pandemonium breaks out in the venue, Nodate guides the commissioner, who had been speaking on stage, to the exit. A man sits calmly in the audience in spite of the circumstance. Eriko learns that Commissioner Oyama is with Nodate and is relieved but when she hears that it was the entrance and corridor of the venue that had been bombed, she starts to harbour doubts. If the commissioner’s assassination had been their purpose, why wasn’t the bomb placed on the stage? If this was a decoy which was simply meant to create chaos for the security at the venue … At around the same time, Iwai, who is looking at documents relating to the security measures, realises that the security today had been cut by half. The person who had given those instructions was Nodate…

Arriving at the hall, Eriko searches for Nodate at the venue which is in chaos. At that moment, Nodate gets into a car with Oyama and leaves the hall. The person driving this car is the man who had been inside the venue. When Eriko finds the speeding car and chases after it, Nodate smiles and waves his hand from the backseat. Looking at that, Eriko …

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