Kyoto Chiken no Onna Season 5

Kyoto Chiken Onna

Official Website

Thursdays, 8.00 – 8.54 p.m. from 23 April 2009

TV Asahi

Hearing the rumour that Public Prosecutor Tsurumaru Aya, who had relocated to Shimane, would be returning, her former assistant Ota Yuichi, who used to tear his hair out over her, is filled with trepidation. Ota’s shoulders sag after he ascertains that this is the truth through Aya’s former boss Deputy Director Takahashi Junnosuke. However, the higher-ups once again make Ota assist Aya. Aya says to finish the work quickly and efficiently, and to go back on time, displaying a different working style from the past. Ota puzzles over what has happened. Several days later, Shiroyama Kenichi, said to be a suspect in a murder is sent to Aya. In the middle of this, Aya is contacted by Assistant Inspector Narimasu Seigo who says he wants to meet her …

Natori Yuko as Tsurumaru Aya
Kyoto district’s famous public prosecutor who has returned from Shimane, the place that she had been transferred to. With “housewife instincts” as her weapon, her feminine ideas guide the settlement of cases even more than her ability as a public prosecutor. She runs out of control without thinking of the trouble to those around her and occasionally gets hurt. She idly gossips with housewives at the market and on the bus, and it is a routine for her to get excited by the tabloid television shows.

Terajima Susumu as Narimasu Seigo
An assistant inspector of Kyoto Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division. His home is a Zen temple and he is qualified as a priest but it doesn’t mean he has attained enlightenment and is aloof from the world. He has instead a mass of worldly thoughts. He is a detective who worked his way up the ranks and is at heart hot-blooded. Because he has absolute confidence in his investigations, he is scornful when Aya and the district interfere. However, because it is his first time dealing with someone like Aya, he is twisted around in the end.

Watanabe Ikkei as Ota Yuichi
Aya’s assistant. A 20-year veteran administrative official. Because he is the typical sort who fears rocking the boat and is always pushed about by Aya’s recklessness, he is fed up with her. He has wanted to escape from his position as a subordinate but hasn’t succeeded. He has a weakness for women and alcohol. It is impossible to hate him because he is a glib joker.

Kanie Keizo as Takahashi Junnosuke
Deputy Director of Kyoto district’s Criminal Investigations Division. Aya’s direct superior. He often reprimands Aya but recognises her ability as a public prosecutor and having known her since she was a newly appointed public prosecutor he understands her the best. He used to have the nickname “King of the Night” but his wife died and he seems to have been tamed after remarriage.

Masuoka Toru as Ikeuchi Koji
Detective of Chukyo Police Precinct. Because he worked his way up the ranks, he has an established reputation for his investigative ability but is somewhat prejudiced. He speaks to Aya with sarcasm, behaves with feigned politeness and is also always at odds with her. He is a devoted husband and wants children but that wish hasn’t been granted.

Mori Tsubasa as Motoki Keisuke
Apprentice prosecutor. He has been newly assigned as Ota’s subordinate. Because everything that happens before him is a first experience, he finds himself caught up in Aya’s recklessness.

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