Majo Saiban

Majo Saiban

Official Website

Saturdays, 11.10 – 11.55 p.m. from 25 April 2009

Fuji TV

The burned body of Tojo Soichiro, the head of the Tojo conglomerate, is discovered and his mistress, Kashiwagi Kyoko, is arrested as a suspect. Yoshioka Toru, who is still unable to survive as a designer and earns a living working part-time, is chosen as one of six jurors by the Minami Kanto district court and gets involved in a judicial trial. However, a major change takes place on the second day of the trial. Watabe Izumi, a homemaker who was also chosen to be a juror, has been threatened by someone whose motive is to instruct her to cast a ‘vote of innocence’. Seeing Izumi’s fear, Toru tries to help her but is also approached by that devil. Meanwhile, Toru’s girlfriend, Motomiya Kaori, who is a reporter with Tozai Shimbun, has doubts about the relationship between Toru and Izumi. While that is taking place, Kaori is granted a special interview by Kyoko …

Ikuta Toma as Yoshioka Toru
A streetwear designer but works part-time because he cannot support himself on that alone. He is poor but is a happy-go-lucky person who enjoys life. He is a kind person and cannot leave weak people alone. He has absolutely no interest in social matters but gradually becomes aware of justice when he is chosen to be a juror.

Kato Ai as Watabe Izumi
A housewife. She was a well-off girl who attended private school that allowed students to advance from one stage of education to the next without taking exams. After graduation from a two-year college, she met her husband at the company she had joined, got married and resigned. She pushes her only daughter to take exams every day in order to make her attend the same school that she did. She by nature has excellent memory. Because of her gentle nature she thinks that “I cannot judge people”, and comes to rely on Toru …

Higa Manami as Motomiya Kaori
A journalist in her second year at Tozai Shimbun. She has been dating Toru since university and is usually like an older sister to him. The accused, Kashiwagi Kyoko, for some reason grants an interview and she gets a scoop but is gradually influenced by the “witch” …

Suzuki Ryohei as Kurokawa Ryuichi
The leader of a mysterious organisation that approaches the jurors and tries to influence their votes. It seems that she had worked as a negotiator at a jury consulting company in America in the past but it is not clear whether that is true. She has subordinates who are experts in specific areas. She is bold and coldblooded and leaves absolutely no evidence behind.

Ishida Yuriko as Kashiwagi Kyoko
She fell in love with Tojo while working at an exclusive Ginza club and became his mistress. However, she is arrested as the suspect in Tojo’s suspicious death and charged with his murder. Guileless like a girl and in possession of an adult’s elegance, she attracts people regardless of gender. She is given the name ‘witch’ in this trial.

Kutsuna Shiori as Kashiwagi Haruka
Kyoko’s daughter. She believes her mother is innocent and continues to give her support. She is like Kyoko’s alter ego.


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