Rinjo Season 1 – Characters

Rinjo - Characters

Kuraishi Yoshio (45) … Uchino Masaaki
Forensics examiner at the Criminal Affairs Bureau’s Crime Lab. Deputy Inspector. As a medical examiner, his powers of observation is the stuff of legend and he has no equal in opinions on crime scenes. At the scene, he is brusque and has the habit of dismissively saying, “It’s different from mine,” in response to the opinions of others. He is frank, daring, doesn’t mince his words and has no qualms about opposing his superiors. His personality doesn’t fit in with the organisation but, on the other hand, he has many devotees. His interest is gardening and his kitchen garden. He used to be married but is now single.

Kosaka Rumi (38) … Matsushita Yuki
Assistant forensics examiner at the Criminal Affairs Bureau’s Crime Lab. Sergeant. She was working as a member of the motorcycle police in the Traffic Division and got to know Kuraishi because of a hit-and-run accident. Admiring his splendid verdicts which lead to the arrest of criminals and the way he mourns for the dead as if he were a part of their family, she hoped to work under him. She applies and becomes his assistant (the driver of the exclusive vehicle for the forensics examiner). She is serious in her aim to be a forensics examiner and for that reason alone, she dislikes Ichinose’s attitude of sitting around rather than working diligently.

Tachihara Masumi (45) … Takashima Masanobu
Director of the Criminal Affairs Bureau’s First Investigative Division. Rank: Deputy Inspector. He is Kuraishi’s contemporary and leads the First Investigative Division’s elite team as its director. Like typical top officials in the police force, he finds Kuraishi’s existence in the organisation disagreeable. He cracked numerous difficult cases in the past as an ace detective and earned himself the nickname “Mr Perfect” in the MPD as a result of this achievement. He and Kuraishi recognise each other’s ability but are constantly at odds. The one case that has cast a shadow on their relationship is …?

Ichinose Kazuyuki (32) … Watanabe Dai
Acting forensics examiner at the Criminal Affairs Bureau’s Crime Lab. Assistant Inspector. After graduating from a first-rate university, he became a police officer. As a career official, he has advanced his career with exceptional speed. He is shrewd and very ambitious. He came to his present unit because he was recommended the “Elite Course on Forensics Examiners” by Director Tachihara of the First Investigative Division. Therefore he just sits around and doesn’t intend to stay in this position for long but his involvement with Kuraishi gradually changes him and he becomes a more mature person.

Komatsuzaki Shuichi (60) … Ibu Masato
Head of the Criminal Affairs Bureau. Kuraishi’s and Tachihara’s superior. He is an understanding person who always supports Kuraishi despite pressure from the top to transfer him. Kuraishi is a nuisance but he is a tolerant boss who values Kuraishi’s unerring opinion.

Bando Haruhisa (52) … Ryu Daisuke
Detective in the Criminal Affairs Bureau’s First Investigative Division. Tachihara’s subordinate. He finds Kuraishi, who overturns ideas in their investigations, disagreeable.

Egawa Kohei (31) … Tsujitani Yoshimasa
Detective in the Criminal Affairs Bureau’s First Investigative Division. Tachihara’s subordinate. He finds Kuraishi, who overturns ideas in their investigations, disagreeable.

Hanazono Ai (26) … Kaneko Sayaka
A female reporter with the national newspaper, Shinnichi News. The type who rushes recklessly into things and occasionally uses her feminine wiles to gather materials for her articles. She abides by the teachings of her superior, Akatsuka Wataru, who says, “You can do no better than to monitor the movements of the forensics examiners to detect a case” and always keeps tabs on Kuraishi and Ichinose. She is the exact opposite of the mannish Rumi and they always bicker.

Akatsuka Wataru (47) … Hashizume Jun
The copy editor of Shinnichi News’ local news section. Hanazono Ai’s superior. He is a capable journalist who has written numerous breaking stories.

Kuraishi Yukie … Kyono Kotomi
Kuraishi’s wife who died 17 years ago.

Hayasaka Mariko (38) … Ito Yuko
The owner of Bar Kakurenbo in Shinjuku. The younger sister of Kuraishi’s wife, Yukie.

Yanoma Fumi (58) … Matsukane Yoneko
Employee of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Welfare Division cleaning shop, Benyodo. She loves the gossip within the MPD.

Nishida Mamoru (60) … Kobayashi Katsuya
Professor at a forensics medicine school. He is a person that Kuraishi relies on.

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