Love Game

Love Game

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Thursdays, 11.58 p.m. – 12.38 a.m. from 23 April 2009


The ‘Love Game’ where 100 million yen is stake is taking place in secret. At the instructions of the mysterious organiser Kuromiya, who won’t show his true identity, Himuro Sae, the dealer, contacts Takizawa Koichi, who is living happily with his wife Yuko, a former cabin attendant, and their 3-year-old son in an apartment in town, an approaches him with the proposal, “I’ll give you 100 million yen if you can make your wife put her seal on divorce papers within 8 hours.” Koichi hesitates but comes on board this get-rich-quick scheme where he can receive 100 million yen at no risk, saying he will divorce Yuko. Sae and her team put the lives of Koichi and the other players under full surveillance and once 8 hours is up it would be revealed that it is a game. Koichi, who stands a fair chance of success, tries to make Yuko, who always listens to what he says, put her seal on the divorce papers but she fights back and their love will be tested …

Shaku Yumiko as Himuro Sae
The dealer of the Love Game. She doesn’t know love and is cold hearted. She receives instructions from Kuromiya, a multi-millionaire who keeps himself concealed, and makes contact with the players. Because she has vague memories of her upbringing, she gets the feeling of being manipulated about something. She is dressed in big name brands and is beautifully bewitching but has absolutely no glamour.

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