Yako no Kaidan

Yako no Kaidan

Official Website

Thursdays, 9.00 p.m. – 9.54 a.m. from 23 April 2009

TV Asahi

A man and woman who have fled into a grove, hug each other hard … A young man stares at them in the darkness. The next morning, the woman’s dead body is found. Five years later, Sayama Michio, an assistant hairstylist at the hairdressing salon Murase, is scolded by the owner because he has received a luxury watch from a customer, “You’re like a host!” Edamura Sachiko, who has just broken up with a man in front of the salon, is charmed by Sayama. At that moment in the Tokyo Public Prosecutors’ Office, public prosecutor Kuwayama Shinji has received a notice that the criminal in a murder five years ago has died of illness. Several days later, Sayama, who had visited Fukuoka, returns to Tokyo to complete a new hairstyle.

* Fujiki Naohito as Sayama Michio
* Yoshino Kimura as Edamura Sachiko
* Natsukawa Yui as Fukuchi Fujiko
* Watanabe Ikkei as Murase Shuntaro
* Oginome Keiko as Murase Minako
* Miura Rieko as Okano Kazuko
* Ishii Masanori as as Okano Shoichi
* Takachi Noboru as Sakurada Ken
* Tamaru Maki as Kuwayama Aki
* Yo Kimiko as Maruoka Fusae
* Muroi Shigeru as Hatano Masako
* Kobayashi Nenji as Kuwayama Shinji

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