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It is the end of the Showa era (late 1980s). Kozuka Teiichi, who has retired from a bank, disappears while on holiday. His wife, Sayuri, had initially sent him off lightheartedly, thinking that it was one of his usual solitary trips but she grows suspicious when she doesn’t hear a word from him after one month passes and asks the police to search for him. Yobuno, a veteran detective who is on the verge of retirement, identifies this with his own life and gets completely absorbed in the investigation. Bit by bit, the image of Teiichi, who looked like a honest and reliable man, starts to fray at the edges. Amidst this, a woman called Fukumura Keiko emerges in the investigation. Detective Yobuno goes after Keiko to Hiroshima where she lives. But Keiko, on the other hand, steps into the Kozuka residence and meets Sayuri. Told by Yobuno that Keiko is her husband’s mistress, Sayuri turns into a fiend and goes mad. Yoshiko, Keiko’s cousin, and her lover, Yamazaki Takeo, know that she has a docile personality and are worried about the impulsive behaviour she has displayed. Yobuno has a daughter, Yuko, who is about the same as Keiko and sick because of some mishap. He is at first unaware that he unconsciously sees his daughter in Keiko and pursues her with disconsolate feelings. However, a devastating truth lies in wait …

Ekiro_Relationship Chart

Yakusho Koji as Detective Yobuno
A veteran detective working at West Meguro Police Precinct. He is close to retirement age. While searching for the whereabouts of the missing Kozuka Teiichi, he finds himself identifying with Kozuka’s circumstances and gets absorbed in the investigation.

Fukatsu Eri as Fukumura Keiko
She used to work at the Hiroshima branch office of Chuo Daiichi Bank. She shared the workplace during the time Kozuka Teiichi worked at the Hiroshima branch office.

Kimura Tae as Fukumura Yoshiko
Fukumura Keiko’s cousin. She is Keiko’s only kin as her parents and siblings died early.

Sasaki Katsuhiko as Branch Manager Otsu
The current head of the Hiroshima branch office of Chuo Daiichi Bank.

Takaoka Sousuke as Yamazaki Takeo
The man who is in a common-law marriage with Fukumura Yoshiko.

Nakajima Hiroko as Mitamura Yoko
Fukumura Keiko’s friend.

Tane Rakuko as Kaneko
The proprietress of the convenience store.

Kara Juro as Convenience Store Owner
The landlord of the place where Keiko is lodging.

Ishii Kenichi as Shibasaki
He is in charge of odd jobs at the Hiroshima branch office. He knows Kozuka Teiichi well.

Negishi Toshie as Yobuno Mie
Detective Yobuno’s wife.

Kitagawa Hiromi as Yobuno Yuko
Detective Yobuno’s daughter. Just when she has decided to marry the man that she has been having an affair with, he dies of an illness.

Satoi Kenta as Section Chief Uchidera
Yobuno’s superior.

Oguchi Kengo as Detective Kitao
A young detective at West Meguro Police Precinct. He undertakes the investigation together with Detective Yobuno.

Toake Yukiyo as Kozuka Sayuri
Teiichi’s wife.

Ishizaka Koji as Kozuka Teiichi
He retires from Chuo Daiichi Bank and disappears while on a holiday.

Fuse Eri as Setoguchi Michie
A female employee in the Sales Department at Chuo Daiichi Bank’s head office in Tokyo. She provides information related to Kozuka Teiichi.

Tayama Ryosei as Department Chief Motoki
After Kozuka’s retirement, he continued the work and is currently the Manager of the Sales Department.

Obayashi Takeshi as Managing Director Takizawa
The managing director of Chuo Daiichi Bank where Kozuka Teiichi worked at until his retirement.

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