Soratobu Taiya – Press Conference

Soratobu Taiya_Press Con

Private Japanese satellite television broadcaster, WOWOW, has been making a name for itself through its unique and high quality drama productions under DramaW. Later this month, it will broadcast its third drama series, Soratobu Taiya, which is based on the original novel written by Ikeido Jun.

Soratobu Taiya revolves around the injuries and deaths that actually happened when the tire of a moving trailer truck came off and hit pedestrians, and the recall cover up by a major motor corporation.

Nakamura Toru stars as the protagonist, Akamatsu Tokuro, the president of a small transportation company that owns the trailer, who finds the blame pointed at him even though the problem was caused by the vehicle manufacturer’s failure to recall the vehicle. In despair, he searches for evidence that the recall was suppressed and confronts the corporation in his pursuit of the truth behind the vehicle accident.


“I think Akamatsu is a man blessed with the support of his family and company associates when his spirits were crushed.” Nakamura notes with what seems like envy. In the drama, Akamatsu has fierce confrontations with Sawada Yuuta, a manager in the motor corporation played by Tanabe Seiichi. “I disparaged Sawada in many of the scenes, but when I took an objective view of it, I thought he was pitiful because he wasn’t the only bad person. However, later when I saw the scene of Sawada happily building a plastic model as a stream of news on the accident was reported, it occurred to me that I should have given him more of it. I was so psyched up that I couldn’t sleep and drank quite a lot of alcohol,” he reveals, drawing laughter from the audience.


Actress Mizuno Miki, who plays Enomoto Kiwako, the female journalist holding the key to the accident, describes Akamatsu as a modern day hero. “This is a production that is engaging from a female viewpoint as it touches on the family love and marital love surrounding Akamatsu aside from how he breaks the deadlock in this situation.”

She causes the audience to burst out laughing after the press conference when she unexpectedly reveals that she was an incorrigible person who never returned the things she borrowed when the cast is asked what indiscretions they have done in the past that they would like to apologise for connection with the drama’s theme.

The five-part drama will be broadcast every Sunday at 10.00 p.m. from 29 March. Episode 1 has a duration of 90 minutes while subsequent episodes have a duration of 58 minutes.

I’m glad the nightmarish winter season is over and welcome spring with keen anticipation. There are talented, established actors in the lineup and a few dramas with promising storylines. Now will the networks do them justice?

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One Response to Soratobu Taiya – Press Conference

  1. luthien says:

    this drama sounds interesting… with casts, Mizuno Miki <3, I’ve seen in previous dramas. But I wonder if it’ll ever be subbed. It’s short afterall, only 5 episodes.

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