Soratobu Taiya

Flying Tire

Sundays, 10.00 – 11.00 p.m. from 29 March 2009


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One day, Akamatsu Tokuro, who runs a small transportation company, receives a call about an accident. The tyre of one of the company’s trailers had come off and hit a mother and her child, resulting in injuries and deaths. Poor maintenance is labelled as the cause of the accident. Faced with a relentless probe by the detective Takahata Shinji, Akamatsu loses confidence but with the encouragement of his executive managing directors Miyashiro Naokichi and Kadota Shunichi, as well as his wife Shie, he decides to take on a big business in order to find out the cause of the accident. Sawada Yuuta, the Customer Strategy Manager at Hope Motors who receives an inquiry from Akamatsu, knows of the existence of “T meeting”, a secret internal meeting headed by Kano Takeshi, Hope Motors’ Managing Director, to discuss their vehicle recall cover up. Working with his colleagues Komaki Shigemichi and Sugimoto Kyoko, Sawada gets his hands on “T meeting” information and plans to push Kano’s faction out with the purpose of ridding the company of corruption. Meanwhile, at Hope Bank, which is Hope Motors’ main bank, the assistant loan officer, Izaki Kazuaki, agonises over the decision to finance the poorly managed Hope Motors. Because the bank’s managing director, Makita Saburo, is an old friend of Kano and his fiancee Sasaki Kaori is also Kano’s niece, Izaki is under untold pressure. Then Enomoto Kiwako, Izaki’s friend from university days, visits to cover a story and tells him that there are nasty rumours within Hope Motors. Despite Izaki’s doubts, she goes to interview Akamatsu, who is also a party involved in the accident, and tells him that similar incidents have happened throughout the country. Akamatsu, Sawada, Izaki, Enomoto, Kano. One accident sets several events in motion and the dark side of corporations and the truth are gradually revealed. Big business versus small business. Dream versus reality. The righteousness of each. The case starts moving towards a completely unexpected conclusion.

* Nakamura Toru as Akamatsu Tokuro
* Tanabe Seiichi as Sawada Yuuta
* Hagiwara Masato as Izaki Kazuaki
* Mizuno Miki as Enomoto Kiwako
* Mimura as Sasaki Kaori
* Endo Kenichi as Takahata Shinji
* Honjo Manami as Sawada Eriko
* Nishioka Noriyoshi as Makita Saburo
* Toda Naho as Akamatsu Shie
* Osugi Ren as Miyashiro Naokichi
* Kunimura Jun as Kano Takeshi
* Hakamada Yoshihiko as Komaki Shigemichi
* Emoto Tasuku as Kadota Shunichi
* Aijima Kazuyuki as Muroi Hideo
* Komoto Masahiro as Yuki Masashi
* Ono Machiko as Sugimoto Kyoko
* Nishioka Tokuma as Makita Saburo

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