Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 – Episode 10 Synopsis (final)

Episode 10: Devil’s fate


A black-hooded indiscriminate killer haunts the streets of Edo. The modus operandi of targeting places where people gather and randomly slashing them, is a new crime that is different from killing people to test a new sword. The true identity of the black-hooded killer is Osanai Gisuke.

Gisuke, who has also killed people today, assumes an air of nonchalance and goes back home to a samurai residence where his mother, Setsu, and three servants, Otobe, Kihei and Tomekichi are waiting. Even though he is over 30, he lives in comfort in this house. However, Gisuke doesn’t seem content …

Meanwhile, Genta suffers from a guilty conscience for killing people as an assassin. Shogoro approaches Genta, who complains of such feelings, and coolly tells him not to behave as if he were a good person now. Then he declares, that if Genta makes a blunder, he’ll even kill him!

Amidst that, Gisuke commits even more crimes as if he were driven by some dark impulse. This time, Ryoji and Kisaragi, who happened to be there, get caught up in the incident too. Kisaragi’s arm is slashed but her life is saved because of Ryoji’s protection. However, Ryoji is rebuked by Mondo for using his assassin tool in public.

As Gisuke continues to commit crimes the Osanai family’s servants, Otobe and Tomekichi, see him wearing a black hood at the crime scene. Gisuke’s mother, Setsu, is told about this and she conceives the idea to make Kihei, who is a simple person, the scapegoat to protect her son. Otobe and Tomekichi kill Kihei, and put the black hood over his dead body.

However, Otobe and Tomekichi demand the Osanai family’s entire fortune from Setsu in exchange for keeping their mouth shut about the murders. On the other hand, Gisuke, whose urges won’t abate, says the black-hooded man is still alive and leaves the residence. Seized with despair, Setsu visits Sanbansuji and asks to have her son killed.

The targets of the “job” are Otobe, Tomekichi and Gisuke. Ryoji, Genta and Mondo take it up but Shogoro drops out. “After all, I can no longer go back to being a human,” Genta says. First, Mondo kills Otobe. Next, Genta strangles Tomekichi with his wind-up snake. Then Ryoji stabs the back of Gisuke’s neck with his needle. At that moment, Shogoro, who should have dropped out of the “job”, appears in front of Setsu who had tried to protect her son. Then he slays Setsu with one stroke of his sword even though she had commissioned the “job” and says he’ll show her the way to hell.

Meanwhile, Genta thought that he had killed Tomekichi, but is strangled by Tomekichi, who is still alive! Genta desperately resists but just as he is about to suffocate Tomekichi, he is unluckily seen by Denshichi who is patrolling the area! Genta is in a fix. Shogoro appears at the scene and quickly draws out his sword … (to be continued in Episode 11)

Guest stars:
Arakawa Yoshiyoshi as Osanai Gisuke
Ikegami Kimiko as Osanai Setsu
Hiraizumi Sei as Otobe Matsuemon
Uchiyama Shinji as Kihei
Ofuji as Tomekichi

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