Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 – Episode 9 Synopsis

Episode 9: Monster parents


The suicide of an instructor occurs at Shoheizaka School in Edo. The words, ” Monster parents are truly terrifying” are written in the note he left behind. Monster parents are parents who repeatedly have selfish and unreasonable demands of the school and they are said to get especially worked up with the advancement exam that is called a big exam around the corner.

Monster parents have come to the school today too. The instructor, Tsubaki Iori, is approached by the monster parents including Takada Toyo, the wife of a vassal of the shogun, and seems at a complete loss. Amidst that, Iori sees Shugo and the children of other vassals harass Sakutaro, and he scolds them harshly. That causes Iori to draw fierce protests from the monster parents who label him a violent teacher. However, the matter somehow blows over because of the intervention of Shugo’s father, Hatakenaka Iemon, who is a government official overseeing the school. A relieved Iori receives encouragement from his colleagues Makiyama Yuzo and Shimada Giichi.

However, the protests of the monster parents escalate. This time, there is a rumour of Iori’s dishonesty and he is investigated by Sasai Genya, the school’s head instructor. Then, money that Iori knows nothing about is found from his ink stone. Iori is accused of accepting the bribes of parents ahead of the big exam. His proclamations of innocence are in vain and he is ordered not to leave his home.

Furthermore, the monster parents come to protest, and barge into Iori’s home during his confinement as his worried wife, Kinu, watches on. Iori decides to appeal directly to Iemon and visits the school. However, he overhears a private discussion between Iemon and the instructors who are planning to tamper with the big exam. Iemon had been the one who had pulled strings and mobilised the monster parents. Learning about that, Iori confronts Iemon and declares that he will tell the magistrate’s office about the injustice. However, he is killed by Makiyama and Shimada who have been won over to Iemon’s side. In the end, Iori’s death is dismissed as a suicide.

At Kinu’s request, the “job” begins. First, Ryoji stabs the back of Shimada’s neck as he cavorts with a prostitute. Next, Genta strangles Makiyama, who returns from school, with his snake device. Then Mondo kills Sasai at the school. Finally, Shogoro slays Iemon.

Guest stars:
Ikeuchi Hiroyuki as Tsubaki Iori
Motoi Sumiko as Takada Toyo
Kosaka Fuma as Shugo
Tanaka Ken as Hatakenaka Iemon
Shimofusa Gentaro as Makiyama Yuzo
Inoue Kiyoshi as Shimada Giichi
Ayata Toshiki as Sasai Genya
Endo Kumiko as Kinu

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