Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 – Episode 8 Synopsis

Episode 8: One-shot game


Ko and Fuku are attacked on their way back from the theatre. The assailants are violent pickpockets, a new breed who surround ladies and the old and extort their purses with knives. Fortunately, they have a narrow escape with the help of a man called Tomiyoshi. Tomiyoshi is known as a man of well-cultivated tastes but his true identity is that of an old-time pickpocket identified as “Benten no Kichizo”. There have recently been successive murders of old pickpockets in Edo. Shogoro suspects that there could be a turf war between the old and new pickpockets.

At that moment, Kasuke bemoans the appearance of the violent pickpockets in front of Mondo. Kasuke was once a famous pickpocket called “Uketori no Kichizo” and had been pursued by Mondo when he was a constable. He is Tomiyoshi’s biological father but they do not seem to be on good terms.

Then, Kasuke and Tomoyoshi are consulted by Isaji who is the leader of the pickpockets. He says there is something bundled inside a purse that had been stolen from a samurai who was with the money changer Daikokuya at Yoshiwara. Its contents are oval gold coins of counterfeit money!

The owner of the purse is Nagai Matagoro and he had been with Okita Shouemon. The official who controls the shogunate’s finances and the official who makes the coins have conspired with a money changer to produce counterfeit money. In an attempt to find the culprit who stole the purse, they hire Denbei, a ruffian, to hunt for the pickpocket.

Kasuke, who learns about this, proposes returning the purse to Nagai. Tomiyoshi is forced to undertake this role despite Kasuke’s objections. However, Tomiyoshi fails and is captured by Nagai. He clams up to protect his fellow pickpockets and is killed by Nagai after being tortured.

In order to avenge Tomiyoshi, Kasuke plans to take the sword that is evidence of his son’s murder from Nagai. Kasuke impressively succeeds in this audacious theft in spite of Mondo’s attempts to restrain him. However, Kasuke is killed by Denbei and the sword that Mondo presents to the magistrate’s office is covered up under Nagai’s pressure.

At the request of Tomiyoshi’s wife, En, the “job” begins. Ryoji and Genta kill Denbei and Okita one after the other. Mondo also stabs Nagai with the sword that Kasuke had taken and exacts revenge. Finally, Shogoro slays Daikokuya.

Guest stars:
Jinbo Satoshi as Tomiyoshi
Nagato Hiroyuki as Kasuke
Higuchi Koji as Isaji
Ishida Taro as Nagai Matagoro
Abe Ushio as Okita Shouemon
Shimomoto Tosiyo as Denbei
Tono Nagiko as En

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