Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 – Episode 7 Synopsis

Episode 7: Money harms


The price of rice has risen drastically in recent times. This is because Egamiya Yoshitaro, a wholesale product merchant who is rumoured to be an expert at making money, has bought up rice and manipulated the price. The strong-arm tactics provoke Masagoro to lead the people to protest against Egamiya.

Fujito Matabei, a samurai from the domain of Kurokawa in the interior of the country, arrives in Edo. Kisaragi, who meets Matabei by chance, is impressed by his good nature and earnestly asks Ryoji to take him in. Ryoji reluctantly accepts Matabei on condition that he helps him in his work mounting frames. Matabei says that he has come to Edo because he has been entrusted with an important matter of the domain.

The person Matabei approaches is that Egamiya. In fact, 10 years ago Matabei had saved Egamiya who had been attacked by ruffians. When Matabei asks Egamiya to advance him money with the fishing grounds in the Kurokawa domain as collateral, he readily agrees. However, after Matabei goes back, Egamiya orders his clerk, Kanroku, to find out the value of the fishing grounds …

At that moment, Masagoro, who had led the protests against Egamiya, is killed by someone. In Denshichi’s opinion, it was the work of a rather skilled person.

Meanwhile, Egamiya proposes to Matabei to buy up rice with the money he had loaned to him to make a profit from the market price. Matabei can’t imagine why he would make money without doing anything but Egamiya gives him a push by saying that it is to return his favour and he decides to take up the proposal. Ryoji worries that there maybe a catch to Egamiya’s proposal but …

At that moment, the market price of rice suddenly plummets. The price collapsed because rice had been sold all at once. This is all the work of Egamiya. Matabei can’t find buyers for the rice he had bought. Egamiya’s aim had been to cheat Matabei and obtain the fishing grounds in the Kurokawa domain. Learning that he had been cheated, Matabei presses Egamiya to return all the deeds bearing vermillion seals for the fishing grounds but he is slayed by Egamiya’s bodyguard, Kousaka Jinbei. Jinbei had also been the one who had got rid of Masagoro.

In an act of gratitude to Matabei and also because of the money handed to Ryoji as a request, the assassins begin their “job”. Mondo kills Jinbei while Genta takes care of Takada Kyuuzo, another one of Egamiya’s bodyguards. Then Shogoro beheads Kanroku and Ryoji stabs Egamiya in the back of the neck to avenge Matabei.

Guest stars:
Watanabe Ikkei as Fujito Matabei
Tsuda Kanji as Egamiya Yoshitaro
Mine Rantaro as Masagoro
Fukumoto Seizo as Kousaka Jinbei
Nishimura Masaki as Takada Kyuuzo
Nakahara Takeo as Kanroku

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