Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 – Episode 5 Synopsis

Episode 5: Retribution


Chief priest Seien, a man revered by everyone in Edo, decides to build a large statue of Buddha. Shogoro accompanies Ko and Fuku to the temple. He pulls a wry face when he sees them show off in front of Seien and donate a large sum of money. Meanwhile, Genta cannot hide his disgust at the business tax that has been introduced to build the large Buddha statue. Carpenters and craftsmen including Genta’s friend, Munakata Soubei, have gathered in Edo for the erection of the statue.

Matsukiya, a lumber dealer who has been entrusted to build the large Buddha statue by Tanoue Jutaro, a vassal to the Shogun, starts evicting resident living in the vicinity. Shogoro helps the men beaten up by Nikichi and the other gangsters that Matsukiya had hired, for refusing to be evicted, but the chief constable, Sakamoto Kansuke, issues him a warning not to interfere with the eviction.

Amidst this, Soubei learns that the lumber that Matsukiya has arranged is of inferior quality. He secretly steals the blueprint for the statute from Matsukiya and goes to Sahei, a fellow craftsman, declaring that he will tell the administrator of religious affairs about the dishonesty. However, Soubei’s family is killed and his home is set on fire by Nikichi and the other gangsters.

Sakutaro, who had taken a fancy to Soubei’s daughter, is also shocked when he learns of the murders. Only Soubei’s son, Kouta, escaped because he had come to sleep over at Genta’s home. They learn from Kouta’s statement that Soubei had spoken to Sahei about Matsukiya’s dishonesty. However, when asked about the conversation by Shogoro, Sahei feigns ignorance and says Soubei had been mistaken. Sahei has ties with Matsukiya.

Furthermore, they also learn through Ryoji’s investigation that Seien and Tanoue had conspired to build the large Buddha statue and impose the business tax because of their personal greed.

At Kouta’s request, the assassins begin their “job”. First, Genta strangles a drunken Sahei. This is followed by Matsukiya’s clerk and Nikichi being killed by the fluid movement of Shogoro’s long sword as they walk about drunkenly. After which Mondo kills Matsukiya, who is counting money, at home while Ryoji takes on Seien, who is preachinig. Then Shogoro slays Tanoue with one stroke of his sword.

Guest stars:
Hira Mikijiro as Seien
Tsutsumi Daijiro as Munakata Soubei
Tokui Yu as Sahei
Fujita Soukyu as Tanoue Jutaro
Tanimoto Hajime as Matsukiya
Hosokawa Junichi as Nikichi
Kosugi Ayato as Munakata Kouta

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