Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 – Episode 4 Synopsis

Episode 4: Drug Hell


Ogawara Denshichi investigates a dock where opium trading is said to take place together with Sugiuchi Kyuzaemon and other constables. But because they investigate a vessel belonging Mochizuki Juro, a vassal to the shogun, they are ordered by the chief constable, Sakamoto Kansuke, to sort out the warehouse. Shogoro partners with Yasukawa Shingo to do the patrols in place of them. Shingo is a dedicated man who has followed in the footsteps of his father, a constable that died when he got caught in a fire while making his rounds 5 years ago.

Shingo happens to come across a dispute between Mochizuki’s middleman, Hirauchi, and Kisaragi during the patrol. Kisaragi artfully escapes but inside the purse she has picked from Hirauchi are opium and a wooden token that has been prepared for the transaction. Because of that, Hirauchi makes an attempt on the lives of Kisaragi and Ryoji!

At that moment, Kasuke, the boss of a master perfume maker and an influential man in the underworld, is murdered by someone. Because Kasuke is known for his great dislike of opium, Shingo suspects that the murder was perpetrated by someone who sells opium. Having had a narrow escape, Kisaragi delivers Hirauchi’s purse to Shingo.

When Shingo learns of Hirauchi’s involvement in the incident, he sticks around Mochizuki’s residence and sees Komeshichi, Genta’s old friend who is also an opium seller, arrive. Komeshichi takes opium out from the residence. Seizing Komeshichi, Shingo questions him about the truth of the matter but after Komeshichi tells him that “The Dark Magistrate” is the mastermind, he is killed by a ninja star that someone has thrown.

Shingo is burning with rage but when it is learnt that he investigated the Mochizuki residence, he is ordered by Kansuke to sort out the warehouse. However, while doing so, Shingo learns from an old document that his father had once pursued “The Dark Magistrate” too. Shingo consults Sugiuchi, who had been partnered with his father at that time, but he is warned to keep the matter about “The Dark Magistrate” to himself.

Thus Shingo uses the wooden token that he had received from Kisaragi and tries to infiltrate Mochizuki’s residence. However, his identity is exposed and he is killed by “The Dark Magistrate” who has finished smoking opium. The true identity of “The Dark Magistrate” is the constable, Sugiuchi.

Okiku, who is indebted to Kasuke, commissions a “job” and the assassins take action. First, Genta uses a boat to approach Hirauchi at the dock and claims his life with his wind-up snake. Next, Mondo and Ryoji kill Mochizuki, who is enjoying himself with a geisha in a tatami room, and Tsukada, his bodyguard. Then Shogoro slays Sugiuchi to avenge Shingo.

Guest stars:
Ichikawa Kamejiro as Yasukawa Shingo
Ishikura Saburo as Sugiuchi Kyuzaemon
Nashimoto Kenjiro as Mochizuki Juro
Arikawa Hiroshi as Kasuke

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